I think we can all agree that the NBA Dunk Contest has gotten a little predictable, thanks to all the Dwight Howard and Nate Robinson appearances. In the last five seasons, one or both of them has been in the finals, mostly because they are both good at accentuating their height. Nate knows how to make being small look cool, and Dwight does the same for being tall.

There’s only one solution — no Nate or Dwight. And, since Nate’s on record as saying he’s done with the contest, we’re just a Dwight retirement away from bliss.

Well, today’s our lucky day. From FanHouse:

“I’m retired for life,” Orlando center Dwight Howard said in an interview with FanHouse on Monday about how he won’t ever again compete in the NBA dunk contest during All-Star Weekend. [...]

“I don’t want to do it,” Howard, 25, said after the Magic practiced at the Pepsi Center on Monday in preparation for Tuesday’s game against Denver. “I want to let other people have an opportunity to shine. I (have done) the dunk contest too many times. I’m over with it.”

Hallelujah — no returning champions this season. Sure, Dwight’s appearance last year — remember, he skipped out — might have made things a little more exciting, but I am more than happy to have neither him nor Nate Robinson in the dunk contest this year. Great success.

Of course, now that we know the last three champions won’t be in the contest, we need to brainstorm our ideal candidates. Russell Westbrook is out, unfortunately, so leave him off your list. Blake Griffin seems like an obvious choice, but big guys aren’t always great in competition. Unless he’s allowed to bring Timofey Mozgov with him, I’m not sure he’d be great.

That being said, off the top of my head, my dream field of guys who might actually participate would be Nick Young, DeMar DeRozan, Andre Iguodala and Blakey GrifGriffs. Some experience, some new blood and a variety of different shapes and sizes of humans.

Let’s hear yours down below.

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  1. Andre Igoudala and Demar DeRozan were already in the dunk contest. Iggy tried a come from behind the backboard dunk ( http://youtu.be/eKkVzaM-L_k ) and Demar, well he just stunk.

  2. - a Josh McRoberts / Chris Andersen tag team as the token white guys
    - Will Bynum (as Nate) and Hasheem Thabeet (as one half of Duh-Wight)
    - and what happened to LeBron? I mean is there a better platform for an egomaniac? Plus: it’s not like he doesn’t excel at collecting meaningless individual awards

  3. Chris, I know they were already in it. Iggy was great and could win. DeRozan was bad, but has potential.

    Really like the Will Bynum choice.

  4. Ah… “Some experience” Still, I want to see all new faces.

  5. Id like to see this guy… Is he still on the pistons roster? Terico White


  6. Jesson- Terrico White has a broken foot, has been out all season. He is far too unknown to be in the contest, I don’t think our fans in Detroit even know about the guy because he was a late draft pick who has’t played at all.

    Will Bynum would be exciting…similar to Nate Rob in his height/leaping ability combo…but again, he is probably too unknown of a player.

    The NBA want recognizable names or guys who are up and coming.

  7. Get rid of the dunk contest altogether and replace it with an East vs. West coaches game.

  8. Any chance of Jeremy Evans or Derek Rose?

  9. What happened to the idea of puting the dudes from the Sprite Slamdunk shows? Or making NBA players look silly is out of the question? :)))

  10. i find it funny when Blake Griffin threw in that dunk vs the Knicks, everyone went ape shit. but when Dwight Howard did that and won the dunk contest, people were questioning if that was even a dunk. funny how the media/fans spin it

  11. They need to have the dunk contest during the All-Star Game. Best in-game dunk wins $50K and the Dominique Wilkins Trophy. If the dunk is assisted, the money is split with the passer. Voting is three parts: media, fans online and Shawn Bradley. Award ceremony is hosted by Gus Johnson.

  12. - If LBJ could be in the Contest without making everyone loudly disappointed if he doesn’t win, I’d like to have him there.

    - 2nd, I don’t wanna start a discussion here, but I think Iggy was robbed in 2006, and he can (still) do some amazing things with the ball. Also, without making this a 2006 reunion, I think Hakim Warrick has improved a lot since last time.

    - And game-dunker or not, I think Blake Griffin would come up with some pretty nice dunks.

    - Last, if there’s any chance, D-Rose starring as Nate Robinson would be great.

    But my biggest wish, is that the rules go back to somewhat normal again. I don’t like the past years’ rules, with all the voting, which is just to get more money. Judging by the judges, and the judges only!

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