Miami Heat 96, New Orleans 84
Not only are the Heat on a nine game winning streak, but they also haven’t had a game closer than 10 points during that stretch. Basically, they’re playing like they’re one of the best teams in basketball. Funny how that worked out, innit?

Memphis Grizzlies 86, Portland Trail Blazers 73
Portland has failed to top 80 points in their last two games, which wouldn’t be a problem if this was college basketball. However, nine point quarters — like, for instance, last night’s fourth — just won’t cut it. Nor will Brandon Roy playing 38 minutes with a fake leg while going 3-16. All bad.

Chicago Bulls 92, Indiana Pacers 73
So the Bulls have won six straight, haven’t given up more than 90 points during their last five games and are a top four defensive team in the NBA. It is almost like hiring a defense-first coach has paid off.

Milwaukee Bucks 103, Dallas Mavericks 99
Pretty weird that the Mavericks’ 12-game winning streak would come to an end at home after they built a 20 point second quarter lead. But it’s also pretty weird that DeShawn Stevenson is starting for a title contender while wearing No. 92, so you figure it out.

Utah Jazz 108, Golden State 95
Every Jazz starter was in double figures, except for Gordon Hayward. He had one point. Just one. I understand not wanting to be greedy around the holidays, but that’s a bit absurd.

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  1. Bosh, off camera: “You guys, look! Triple Double Teapot!!!!!”

  2. Can you guys forward that CaC to Devine @ BDL? Kthx.

  3. Wade starting to score at will…. 30+ points… Isn’t the thing on his left wrist some hitech gadget he kept from the Dominate Another Day set…? Maybe a homing device?

  4. I hate to point out the obvious, Trey, but the headline should read: “…double double teapot.” I expect TBJ to issue a formal correction. Clean it up, man.

  5. I hate to be a hater — and let’s face it: that’s what people are going to call me — but the Heat’s opponents’ combined records are 91-122. They have played three winning teams (Atlanta, New Orleans, Utah). The Hawks — in their last 10 — were 7-3 at the time of the meeting. Not one of their wins was against a winning team, with two of those losses coming against Mavericks and Boston (both were blowouts) while the other came against the Nets.

    The Hornets’ last 10 consisted of seven losses, and their two of their three wins came against losing teams, and the other was against the Blazers, who were 8-7 at the time.

    Their one win that says anything is against the Jazz, who were playing well preceding the game, which included a schedule of tough teams like the Spurs, Lakers, Hornets and Blazers.

    So again, I’m throwing facts here. I’m critical of most teams, and especially of this one because there’s no way around it: who isn’t watching this team with a huge magnifying glass.

    This streak is one of those that are short-lived, kind of like the Knicks’ streak. I don’t see them keeping this up. Will they improve? Maybe. But I’m not about to hop on that wagon just yet.

  6. Also, I’d like to concur with Amin — Devine does the best Create-a-Captions.

  7. But Tim, if they were playing Simon Says, Simon would just say “double teapot” and they’d both do it. Trust me, I thought way too hard about this.

  8. Interesting facts Carlos…

    And since the Jazz didn’t have much business beating them the first time (like the Jones pointed out), you cannot say this one was surprising either…

    Maybe the Jazz just aren’t made to play the Heat, just like the Hornets can’t play the Jazz (in the Paul/Williams era), which doesn’t mean Heat>Jazz>Hornets, or Williams>Paul, or anything like that…

  9. I have to say: having watched very little of this Heat team, I was kinda surprised to see them pick it up that dramatically, but I just thought “hey, they must have figured it out!”, which was proven wrong by the “reward system” spoelstra put in place (he has to figure it out for them)…

    By the way, that bonus thing spoelstra is doing is really making them look childish… “If you work well, you can have a reward” is really not something you should have to say to a grown man… You actually wish you had not to tell the kids that to make them work…

    But since you can’t just threaten a NBA superstar with unemployement like you do with a normal adult (especially when they league together as “superfriends”), maybe rewarding them should prove useful…

    Oh, wait! What is the huge amount of cash they get for, then? For the fun part, not the working part?

  10. What’s surprising is that they’re standing side by side. Wade is only 5’5″.

  11. Good point, Trey. As I thought about it more I got it. Too bad we don’t have a wide angle shot of both benches teapot-ing it up. Those games of “Simon Says” can get some kind of crazy.

  12. I think Carlos is a hater…

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