During last night’s game against the Warriors, Corey Brewer displayed a variety of zany faces after various mishaps. What follows is a breakdown of each of these reactions…

What It’s Called: “The Psssht”
When It’s Used: Whether it be after an unexpected compliment, a terrible foul call or upon hearing likely-false information, the Pssht is a versatile move. Here, Corey shows us how the Pssht can be used to display disagreement with a referee’s opinion.
Level of Difficulty: Beginner

What It’s Called: “The Grin and Bear It”
When It’s Used: Sometimes, you just have to accept a bad foul call and move on. And, as Corey knows, the best way to get through something painful is with a smile on your face. Fake it ’till you make it, and all that. Simply gritting out a kind-of smile is a good, easy way to start.
Level of Difficulty: Beginner

What It’s Called: “The Aww C’mon”
When It’s Used: Where the Pssht can be used to show humility, the Aww C’mon is all hostility. As you can see in Corey’s squinted eyes, he’s angry at what just happened. But since he’s forcing a smile, you can tell he’s trying not to offend anyone.
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

What It’s Called: “The Ouch”
When It’s Used: While you might think that a reaction called “the Ouch” would be used only when things hurt, that’s hardly the case. Sure, that’s the emotion it’s most often associated with, but it’s also used when things are unfortunate. Take Corey for example: He probably just found out that Sasha Vujacic was traded to the New Jersey Nets. That’s a metaphorical “ouch,” for sure.
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate

What It’s Called: “The Old Man”
When It’s Used: The Old Man is an impersonation based on years and years of old men shooting the breeze on their front porches. As Corey shows us, the Old Man can be used to demonstrate being elated. However, it’s often hard to tell whether or not the Old Man is being used honestly or sarcastically. That’s why it’s one of the trickiest moves in the book.
Level of Difficulty: Expert