‘Tis the season to be named Kevin and have your own signature shoe, as Messrs. Garnett and Durant have both had their special holiday colorways revealed. Fa-la-la-la-let’s talk about ‘em.

On the left, you have KG’s Anta KG 1 done up in the traditional Christmas green and red. On the right is KD’s Nike Zoom KD III in everybody’s favorite Christmas color — bright yellow. Both shoes are certainly eye-catching but I have a feeling one of them will break a few more necks.

If I had to choose between the shoes, I guess I’d go with Garnett’s. I’m not crazy about that golden pseudo-chevron thing, but they’re a fine looking shoe, if not a little bland. That being said, fans of the Milwaukee Bucks are probably crazy about these bad riders. They’d look perfect on Andrew Bogut.

As for the KD III — wow. The bright yellow actually looks good on that shoe, but it isn’t my color because I’m too worried about being called “Bananafoot” or “Peep Feet.” I’ll leave those to Pharrell Williams and hope for a similar pair of sneaks in that Creamsicle orange Durant sported last year. Maybe for the All-Star Game?

Bigger pics of the kicks after the jump. Let’s hear your thoughts below.

(via Nate Jones and Counter Kicks)

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  1. Nobody, including Bucks fans, are going to go crazy for some Anta shoes!

  2. KDIII’s are fresh. They’ll look good.

    The Anta’s look like a shoe from 20 years ago.

  3. I actually like both. But, the Durants win for me. I don’t think anybody is messing with the current set of Nike basketball silhouettes-the Zooms, Hyperdunks, etc.-right now. Even the wild colorways go down easy.

  4. They are both blah to bad. Wouldn’t spend a dollar on either.

  5. Agreed, Kickstorian. I just can’t imagine these being worn anywhere but that Christmas game. Not to mention, yellow?

  6. The KGs are alright although I wonder if they whine when you walk like their namesake does on the basketball court. The Durants are just plain hideously ugly.

  7. JaVale McGee should wear those mustard yellow things to go with his hot doggin’.

  8. You know, if they made athletic shoes that didn’t look ridiculous we wouldn’t have to own as many shoes as we do. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to sell as many shoes either, so the moon boots make perfect sense if you are on the sweatshop owning side of the equation.

  9. I prefer the Anta’s to the terrible colorway on the KD’s. I wonder who Nate Jones is. I guess he took my place at Counter Kicks.

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