You were probably wondering how long it would be before a couple of Chicago Bulls fans created a website called Let’s Beat the Heat and made a promo video sampling Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” In today’s NBA — where LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined up with Dwyane Wade in Miami and Kobe Bryant brags about being mentored by Jackson — it’s a totally normal thing to wonder.

But you don’t have to wonder anymore — that day is today. It finally happened, and that’s the video you see up top. Not to be presumptuous, but I think we can all agree this is the finest Michael Jackson update since T-Pain remixed “PYT” with Robin Thicke. In fact, I’d say that this song is exactly as successful as that one.

(via Sun-Sentinel)

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  1. January 15th, 2011 – Chicago will get their chance to “BEAT THE HEAT”.

    Awesome Vid

  2. This is GOLD! So many random things that make absolutely no sense. It’s impossible to pick out a favorite moment. Maybe the airball. The hammer in the TV. The TBJ microphone. The picture of Staples Center. The missed dunk.

    Biutiful genius.

  3. I like that they spelled it “Dewade”

  4. It looks like its from the 90′s I no its not but they have all this old stuff like the old school logo.

  5. Robin Thicke from Growing Pains?

  6. Beethoven who? This guy’s a genius.

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