Tough choice for best game-winner of the night, especially with both swamped in controversy. Here you have Manu Ginobili hitting a high-arcing fallaway after getting bumped by Luc Richard Mbah a Moute and possibly traveling. Incredible shot considering everything that happened prior to the Poo God actually releasing the shot. That’s some kind of crazy balance to be able to get off such a soft jumper.

And that’s Paul Pierce’s step back J that looks like it falls through the net with 0.6 seconds remaining, even though the remainder of the game was played with only 0.4 seconds left on the clock. I still think Amar’e's three would have been after the horn considering he took forever to shoot it, but it’s impossible to say. Still a great shot by Pierce, who didn’t even get to shoot his beloved elbow jumper. Nice remix.

If I’m choosing, I think I take Ginobili. His shot seems a teensy bit harder, plus it was an actual buzzer beater. That gives him the smallest of edges in my book, but there’s really no wrong choice. Both shots are amazing. Another classic Wednesday.

Let’s hear your favesy in the comments.

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  1. NO COMMENT about that Nate Robinson attempted celebration, and Paulie too busy with his own airplane dance to notice?!?!

  2. No contest, the Truth takes it. It was on the road, over a bigger player, he made an actual move, and didn’t travel. All things Batman can’t claim.

  3. Just wait, Danny. Nate Rob will have his moment in the blogsun.

  4. Haha glad to hear it Trey. I’m glad he didn’t hurt his head!

  5. it’s Manu, for sure. Many didn’t get a pick from KG for his game winner.

  6. One walked and the other extended his arm to clear space. But these thing aren’t supposed to get called are they? Nonetheless, action packed hoops. I hope that Mini 50 (Nate Robinson) now knows that Pierce is not a trampoline.

  7. KG with the moving screen. Wow that was bad.

  8. I was shocked when the refs didn’t review the clock after that Pierce shot. Not sure if the extra tenths would have made a difference, just surprised they didn’t look at it at least.

    Agree with LDR4, there were uncalled violations in both plays. Still great stuff. Manu takes the cake for me though. He makes ugliness look so pretty.

  9. I vote Manu. Degree of difficulty was off the charts.

  10. travelling violation. give the bucks the win, it’s ok stern fack

  11. I’ll take the truth. Both contain a violation but the travelling look way more obvious than the pushing. You know, there’s always some pushing ;-)

  12. Manu had the better game winner because the Bucks didnt have a chance to shoot it afterwards. Controversy or not, the Knicks still had .4 seconds to make something happen.

  13. There is no way Manu traveled. It’s called a jump stop, folks. He just did it backwards which makes it looks so ridiculous.

    Go Spurs Go

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