Beating the Lakers is an accomplishment. They’ve been winners since basically forever. They’ve won the last two NBA championships. They have a coach who’s widely regarded as one of the best ever. They have name players coming off the bench. Simply put, winning against the Lakers is cause for celebration.

Just don’t let the Lakers catch you, or else that celebrating will come to an end the next time you match up with them. The Indiana Pacers found that out the hard way. From ESPN:

“Someone said, ‘Do you remember them celebrating?’ and that’s something that sticks on your mind,” Barnes said. “We watched the film and they made sure to show [Roy] Hibbert jumping around and Danny Granger chest bumping and all that stuff and we just kind of thought it was a little premature.”

Got that, other NBA teams? Do not celebrate around the Lakers, lest you rile them up. Keep the chest bumps to a minimum and stick to restrained high fives. Nothing too extravagant because you wouldn’t want the Lakers to get excited to play a game of basketball.

Obviously this is a common thing. Teams hate it when you celebrate on their home court. For instance, I’m sure the Knicks are going to be pretty upset about this picture and use it as motivation in the future. That being said, it’s kind of hilarious and a very Laker thing to do to get mad that Danny Granger and Roy Hibbert chest bumped after a big road win. What did they expect to happen?

But hey, this is a team that’s been everywhere and done everything. If they need to be upset to play well, then so be it. As a counter, when another team beats then, they should just walk off the court in silence with their arms hanging straight down. That’ll really weird them out. If Phil Jackson’s taught us anything, it’s that mind games are of the utmost importance.