On today’s show, Skeets and Tas are pumped after watching the Knicks and Celtics play the most entertaining game of this season. Can Amar’e keep up this incredible MVP-ish streak? What were the Knicks thinking on that final play? Should Coach Rivers sit Rondo? All that, plus Manu’s magical travel/game-winner, Joakim Noah’s mysterious thumb injury, Marcus Thornton’s triumphant return, Nate Robinson’s celebration fail, and why Tas is a hungover, embarrassed, 20-year old girl.

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Comments (19)

  1. its the human element, theres nothing you can do. theres no way about it.

  2. I was pointing out last night that MSG hasn’t been that electric since the 1999 NBA Finals against the Spurs, great to see that place alive and jumpin’ again, but I’m still a C’s fan, so big time shot by The Truth!

  3. Tas, I was 15 steps behind you. Washed off the shame by catching the last 2:20 of Knick-Celts. Classic indeed.

  4. Thanks for finally giving the Knicks some props even though they lost this one! It was a heartbreaker when I saw the replay of that final shot (after jumping from the couch, throwing my hands in the air, and emitting a sound so loud it woke my wife and my baby). Oh well it’s good to see the Knicks keeping up with the best in the league. Hopefully they’ll keep it up and beat the vastly overrated Heat on Friday! Completely agree with you guys on the lack of depth though (especially at the point).

  5. Boozer’s line isn’t that special. The Raps gave up 20+ points to Ben Wallace and then the next game Nazr Mohammed scored 18 on them in less than 20 minutes. I’m sure an elite center like Dwight could drop 60+ on them if he wanted to.

    How are the Heat vastly overrated? If anything, they’re underrated, most people think they won’t even make it to the ECF.

  6. You guys need to talk about the Sixers. They are heating up quickly

  7. Agree with Steve on the Heat. They are looking like the best team in the league lately, and I’m slightly afraid. Let’s all stop calling them over-rated or over-hyped or whatever else and start showering them with endless praise (hopefully that will have some kind of reverse effect).

    I can’t wait to watch this episode what a great fourth quarter. Thank god shots hit after the game don’t count.

    I hope this rivalry continues to heat up. I really, really hope Amar’e stays healthy because he is great to watch. All that said, Knicks couldn’t have played much better, Cs are starting their rookike 4th string center, MSG is rocking, and the Celtics still pull it out. Great stuff.

    Rondo needs to be resting. There is no question. I don’t care if it costs them wins in December.

    Apologies for posting so much before I’ve even seen the show. Just fired up.

  8. I thought it was interesting at the start of the broadcast of the Knicks-Celts game last night how Jackson and Van Gundy were going on about how the Knicks should give up anybody who is not name Amar’e for Carmelo, and then at the end of the game were going on about how impressed they were with the Knicks team, particularly the offence.

    If the Knicks want Carmelo, and he really wants to come to NYC, they should just wait for him to become a free agent this summer, when they wouldn’t have to dismantle much of their team in order to acquire him. This current team plus Carmelo, and a couple solid bench guys equals solid contender.

  9. WTF is he?! And fuck this comment requirement

  10. i always thought skeets looked like somebody famous in that intro. now i got it – it’s the shins’ james mercer.

  11. I’m happie for Nate, playing an important role on a great team that beats D’Antoni, the mustache douchebag who sat him for a month.

    Nate is the funniest guy in the NBA.

  12. The real question before The Bricks fall back to earth is, is holding back for a Melo-like trade a good thing or a bad thing for them?

    It could be positive holding out hoping the undervaluing will result in player’s attitudes are that they have to prove something,
    could also make Melo into a black hole to everyone around him.
    My hope is both :)

    Plus looks like he’ll have to share playing the 4 spot? Which would imply defense:(

    That is if The Russian doesn’t get him.

    Either way Melo aside I think Andre Iguodala should be NY/Brooklyn future bound and very very useful runner up prize.

    And can someone answer me why NY shouldn’t go get Ricky Rubio next year?

  13. The only way you can make a 3 with 0.4 left is if they start the clock 0.5 seconds late.

  14. @Nintendo_Jones: Jason Kapono and Sport Science object – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzYup6FifRc

  15. travel? no. jeez…you even link to the HP post the shows its not. but hey, nah, lets ignore reality.

  16. “And can someone answer me why NY shouldn’t go get Ricky Rubio next year?”

    Because he won’t be as good as Raymond Felton and he’s not coming to the states to come off the bench.

  17. Nate is a moron. He ruined the dunk contest.

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