When a guy with a snake-based nickname that he gave himself wears a leather motorcycle jacket and camouflage pants with a beanie and aviators, he gets a post mocking him for dressing like Brad Miller’s interpretation of a futuristic soldier. That’s just how things work around here.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

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  1. Looks like someone’s taking his Call of Duty: Black Ops endorsement a little too seriously.

  2. Looks inspired by the fashion sense of his former teammate, The Machine.

  3. This is clearly a ploy by Kobe to become best friends with Brad Miller. Looks like you have some competition, Trey.

  4. I’m sorry I ruined your Black Panther party.

  5. sad thing? he thinks he looks badass

  6. Nathan, it is sad that you think that. Which of those pockets did it for you?

  7. he can dress like a hobo as long as the lakers shit on the rest of the league

  8. I like the jacket, the pants are overkill though.

  9. he’s the black mamba, i know. but this is just so wrong

  10. agree with nathan

    nice jacket

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