Bill Simmons will tell you that the secret — sorry The Secret — to winning at basketball is that basketball is not about basketball. Or something like that. Isiah Thomas said it, so take it with a grain of salt, but basically being successful at hoops is more about being a good teammate and being committed to winning than being a great player. Makes sense, even if it’s a little bit convoluted.

Of course, that’s not The Secret at all. The Lakers have figured it out and they’re telling the whole world. From the Orange County Register:

After the Lakers won in Indiana on Wednesday night, [Lamar] Odom finished singing, waltzed out of the shower and made an absolutely hilarious, vulgar, unrepeatable-even-on-a-Kardashian-show comment about why everyone should stay out of his way as he reached his locker.

Then Odom jumped into the interview being conducted nearby, stepping into Ron Artest’s hesitation to explain what was the difference between this game and the one the Lakers lost to the Pacers two weeks ago.

“We had more points,” Odom cracked.

Artest smiled and ran with it.

“I think when you score more,” Artest said super-slowly, “I think you win.”

It’s that simple, basketball fans. You score more and you win. At least that’s what Ron Artest and Lamar Odom think. I’d have to run the numbers, but I’d be willing to guess that the team that scored more points has won the majority of NBA games. Seems logical, at least.

However, they might be wrong. Rumor has it that if you hold your opponents to less points, you also have a pretty good shot at winning. It’s an interesting theory and I’d love to see some research on the subject.