Dunk of the year.

Call of the year.

Rim hang of the year.

Ill-advised charge take of the year.

Jump from way too far out but still make the dunk of the year.

Hulk Hogan memorial hand-on-the-ear listening to the crowd of the year.

Carmelo Anthony non-enthusiastic yet still approving head nod of the year.

Three-point play of the year.

Air Jordan “It’s the shoes” of the year.

Quarter-ender of the year.

J.R. Smithiest play of the year.

Forgetting anything?

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  1. check 0:37 for slogan placement of the year

  2. matador defense of the year

  3. What does a Spur have to do to get a charge in this game anyway?

    On second thoughts, never mind.

    Should have gone harder, Melo…

  4. I don’t know why no one of these amazing dunkers decides to spread the legs and jump OVER the defender for a once-in-a-lifetime highlight?!?! An obsession with getting the and1? Liking the doby to body contact? What!? Just srpead ‘em and go down in history Vince-over-Weis-Style but in a meaningul game!!!!

    I think the last call was right… I don’t like the flopping genious that Manu is, but I think he was planted down well before Melo ran him over?

  5. My guess would be the potential for life-altering ball trauma, Stefan.

  6. Forgetting anything? Well, yes. The rest of the game. The two insanely talented plays Manu Ginobili made at the end, for example.



    Oh, but he didn’t jump really high, so who cares?

    Dunk worship reminds me of how people got sucked into the home run bullshit during the juiced era. You know, when baseball died.

  7. Pretty sure “Ride ‘em cowboy” should be worked into every enthusiastic call now.

  8. You missed the Hulk Hogan impersonation of the year after JR’s cupped hand to the ear routine immediately following the dunk.

  9. 10th loss of the year

    Lauri – back to ptr! /srf

  10. wow, just… wow.

  11. That was nasty. By the way Trey, I still get it…(unenthusiastic yet still approving head nod)

  12. Nah Blake Griffin’s dunk on Mozgov still has my vote just due to the fact that some got tea bagged during that sequence.

  13. im-gonna-dunk-on-you-crossover of the year

  14. Lauri’s right. Dunk worship is for those who prefer to watch ESPN’s top 10 highlights instead of real games. Isn’t TBJ interested in complete games anymore?

    JR got three points (with the and-one FT) out of his dunk, but the Nuggets got precious little momentum out of his play. A better team might have taken control of the game after that highlight, but the Nuggets only increased the lead by three more points (to 12) before the Spurs started to come back. If anything, I think the play motivated the San Antonio players to dig in and grind out the victory.

    The plays that mattered more to the ultimate outcome were Manu’s on offense AND defense at the end of the game. But they’re only part of the story of the game… which you’d have to watch to understand.

    And… I’d take Neal’s defensive effort to draw the charge over JR’s dunk and showboating every time. Gary was maybe a half-step late coming over from the weak side and got caught with his left heel over or on the restricted circle.

  15. You forgot: Coast to Coast of the year ;)

  16. Only the Spurs could get that call on the least freaking call.

  17. Is there any reason I can’t appreciate a filthy dunk like that AND like Manu’s end of game heroics? Or is that to rational for the interwebs?

  18. [...] Sacramento Kings, Score Video on Apr 06, 2011 It’s a nice idea, but maybe Gary Neal should stop trying to take charges. Never seems to work out as well for him as the guy who he’s trying to stop. Just a tip, [...]

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