New Jersey Nets 97, Washington Wizards 89
Kris Humphries had 12 points and 17 rebounds, giving him his seventh double-double of the season. He’s a real basketball player now, not just a dude who looks like Taylor Lautner. The Kardashian effect is real.

Boston Celtics 102, Atlanta Hawks 90
Boston started Nate Robinson and Semih Erden, played Luke Harangody and Avery Bradley actual minutes and let Marvin “Marvdawg” Williams score 26 points, and they still won easily. Having three Hall of Famers is pretty helpful, apparently.

San Antonio Spurs 113, Denver Nuggets 112
The Spurs won on a questionable drawn charge by Manu Ginobili on the road, which is just about the most Spurs-y thing you can imagine. Seriously, what ref calls an offensive foul on the home team’s superstar on a game-winning shot? Billy Crystal, sure, but he’s retired.

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  1. Dude, there was absolutely nothing questionable about that charge. Manu was there, and Anthony just put his head down and plowed through.

  2. Wha’ Happened?: Manu, mostly…

  3. I didn’t see anything questionable about that charge, he was planted and waiting for Carmelo. I’m suprised the refs had the balls to call it, though. But it was the right call.

  4. That was clearly a charge. He was set and outside the area. I dont know why the refs are getting so much shit for making the right call.

  5. The problem was that the Nuggets didn’t clear out enough to pull Manu away from the basket. He only had to take one long step to be in position to draw the charge. Also, whoever Manu was guarding set a crappy pick which forced Melo to come out farther to get the ball – and to start the possession actually moving away from the basket.

    Still though, charges are the turd in the punchbowl of modern basketball. As with most things, I blame Coach K for the fetishization of the charge as the “right way” to play defense.

  6. Wow…questionable? Really? There was nothing questionable about the charge call. It was absolutely correct. It shouldn’t matter when or who it was on. 2 out of the 3 refs blew the whistle. I think the only one who didn’t was “old school” Bavetta.

  7. The call was questionable. It doesn’t matter if his “feet” were set and outside the line – that’s true quite often and the blocking call is still made when the defensive player impedes the offensive player’s direct path to the basket. You see it all the time when a player has feet set but shoulders are still moving, even slightly, to the right or left.

    In this case Manu’s entire upper body was still moving toward the offensive player when contact occurred. I think the call was made because the refs assumed that even if Ginobili wasn’t still moving toward carmelo at the time of contact it would STILL have been an offensive foul. I agree that this is probably true, but since when do refs make calls based on hypothetical arguments like that? And what a time to make it!

  8. I just watched it again. Manu’s my favorite player but that call should never have been made. Melo was pulling up not crashing in, and Manu’s upper body was still moving toward him at time of contact. That’s incidental contact on Melo’s part (look again if you don’t agree) and a game should never be decided like that in that situation. Refs simply blew it.

  9. jahearndc – “Melo was pulling up not crashing in”? So are you saying there were super-strong Manu-magnets in the floor pulling him downwards in exactly the same way he would have if he had just been driven through by a 230lb superstar (which of course he wasn’t)? Whether or not the refs should ever blow the whistle on a buzzer-beater, that collision could only be called “incidental contact” by Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf.

  10. Any time Manu’s body crashes dramatically to the floor it’s a questionable call.

    Manu had one foot set. His left was coming up, he was pretty prepared to Fosbury back. No way should he get the benefit of the doubt there. Note how he almost kicks Carmelo in the head when he sets his appendages to flail mode. Plays and calls like this make NBA basketball worse.

  11. Questionable?

    Let’s see. Two refs called it a charge. All three TNT commentators (former players) said it was the right call. With that much contact, the refs have to make a call, otherwise you’re saying that home-team superstars have a pass to do anything they want at the ends of close games.

    jahearndc, you make it sound like Manu leaned forward into ‘Melo to sell the call. He did no such thing. He beat ‘Melo to the spot and had his feet set outside the restricted area well before Anthony took off. ‘Melo could have pulled up for the short jumper, or passed it to an open teammate. He chose to do neither and instead barreled directly into the smaller player. By trying to run through Ginóbili, he really didn’t give the refs a choice to make another call… deal with it.

  12. Also, what’s the deal with the JR Smith picture? It had little impact on the ultimate outcome of the game (happened in the first quarter) and nothing to do with the puff-piece blurb you wrote about the game.

  13. What I want to know is: Which of those two richard jefferson types in that photo is the real richard jefferson? The one on the left is slightly too thin in the face and shiny, but the one on the right is too pudgy-faced, even for RJ. Also, he looks like he’s made of peanut butter.

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