We all had some hearty laughs when Nate Robinson decided to piggyback Paul Pierce whilst Pierce was trying to be an aeroplane. But now, thanks to the Internet, we can have some more laughs after some jokey jokemakers decided to take this hilarious footage and mash it up with some basketball commercials from the days of yore.

Up there you see Nate’s “Where Amazing Happens” re-imagining, cleverly titled “Where Fail Happens.” It takes Lil’ Nate’s flight of fancy and turns it in to an epic tale of falling off a teammate’s shoulders. Outside of the botched font at the end of the fake advert, this is perfect. Good clip, good concept, good execution. Thumbs up.

That right there — courtesy of the fine bros at Ball Don’t Lie — is another remade commercial, drawing inspiration from the “Frozen Moments” campaign for the Air Jordan XII from way back in 1996. Like its brother up top, this too utilizes the FAIL motif that is so prevalent on the Internet. And also like its brother up top, this too is successful. Good clip, clever concept from many years ago, excellent execution. Thumbs up, again.

Hopefully, this becomes a new meme. Nate Robinson taking a tumble presents a lot of opportunities for jokes. In fact, I’m surprised we haven’t seen a Keyboard Catification of this clip yet. Give it time.