Steve Nash is not going anywhere

From everything I’ve seen, Steve Nash doesn’t have a “Black Swan” alter ego — the man seems to be a pretty straight shooter. When he signed that extension in 2009 to play in Phoenix until the summer of 2012, he was entirely willing to do so, with one caveat: the Suns franchise had to remain committed to winning.

In late October, Nash was already frustrated with the newly assembled roster mainly its lack of chemistry and size. This was the preseason. With no real games played, I would assume he wasn’t happy with the team’s biggest acquisition this summer — the Party Machine, Hedo Turkoglu.

Fast forward to this weekend’s trade with Orlando which sent out Jason Richardson, Turk, and Earl Clark for Marcin Gortat, Vince Carter, Mickael Pietrus, cash and a first round pick. Cue the Nash chatter: “Steve will be the next Sun to go.” Mind-boggling as the deal clearly shows the team is willing to give Nash exactly what he wants: size and less dancing.

The team he led to the conference final last spring was no juggernaut. Last year’s Suns were expected to exit the playoffs in the second round at best. With Turkoglu gone, I’m sure Nash is comfortable leading a comparable squad which currently sits at .500 and plays the easiest schedule the rest of the season (Phoenix plays 20 games against opponents on their second game of back-to-backs while the Suns are rested).

The Suns aren’t in a hurry to trade arguably the best player to ever don their jersey. And after this weekend, their leader just got a little more comfortable conducting the little engine that could.

Trade bait? Hardly.

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  1. This seems to be the general consensus among those in the know. You gotta respect Nash’s loyalty and consistency. It’s too bad he has to be under Sarver, though. How sweet would it be if Nash could lead Stoudamire and Melo in New York!

  2. I should be the GM. I can run this team better.

  3. It’s obvious that the Suns don’t want to trade Nash – the man is their only hope of winning, and he gives Suns fans a reason to put their butts in the seats. A better point is that STEVE SHOULD DEMAND A TRADE. Enough of being a nice guy – this organization has screwed him over too many times. Plus, as a card-carrying Canadian, Steve can’t be excited about playing with Vince Carter.

  4. You said Nash is arguably the best player to ever don the suns jersey. I would argue this isn’t as relevant as the fact he is definitively the most popular one. He sells tickets and keeps fans loyal to the franchise. Trading Nash would see season ticket sales plummet and a fan base become disinterested.

    It’s just good business to keep him, and Sarver knows this. He isn’t going anywhere.

  5. Good point, Bodhi. I concur with that. Suns ownership cares about the bottom line.

  6. Sir Charles might have something to say about the
    “Best player ever to don their jersey”?
    Turrable probably.

    This is one of the junkiest trades I’ve seen in a while, lots of out of favour players and staff trying to just prove their existance.

    Carter could get fit and motivated and playing out of his head, at times.
    But Pietrus being a solid and more consistant back-up is way more important.

    The only thing in the recent future if The Suns decide to rebuild is something like:

    Nash for Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, and seeing the brothers playing together or
    Tyreke Evans, Carl Landry for Nash and Grant Hill
    maybe even Batum, Fernandez, Oden and Roy for Nash and some junk.

    Therefore trading Nash for anyone this moment is out of the question.

    The only trade the Magic have left in them is for Jason Thompson as a backup C.
    But thank god Hedo can go home. Ball.

  7. Huh? Why would the Kings or Nets trade their future for those old guys?

    Rebuilding teams don’t want Nash if they have to give up their best projects…

    What would be the point? Becoming the Suns bis, with an old superstar and an underwhelming but young core sourrounding him? Heck, even the Suns don’t want to be that!

  8. I just said it wouldn’t happen.
    Read between the lines.

  9. It will be great to see him stay with the Suns in my opinion. Its so rare to see such a great player stay loyal to his original team and stay there for his entire career. You don’t see that as much very often and sticking with the franchise will define his career as one of the best or THE BEST Phoenix Sun of all time.

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