Not bad, Los Angeles Lakers. Not bad at all.

Sure, it doesn’t quite compare to the gold standard of NBA teams singing “Jingle Bells” to their fans, but that’s OK. This has got Ron Artest’s head looking extra pointy, Kobe Bryant obviously refusing to sing even though he was present for the making of the video and, of course, extensive footage of Pau Gasol butchering a Christmas classic. All things considered, that’s a pretty nice collection of silliness for an awkwardly-paced 74 seconds of holiday cheer.

Plus, we all get to call it “an open horse one sleigh” from now on. That’s a nice gift, in and of itself.

Comments (4)

  1. Kobe was just too cool to sing. Shock.

  2. Pau Gasol FTW haha

  3. Somehow, Kobe not singing is not surprising at all

  4. [...] awkward with a few chuckles thrown in for good measure. Great success, at least as good as the Lakers’ holiday offering.You’ve got Derrick Rose weird pseudo-wink maneuver, Carlos Boozer’s over-manicured [...]

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