The New Orleans Hornets are struggling. Add a few Gs to really get that Joe Namath vibe (struggggggling) and the effect is even more pronounced. After winning their first eight games and starting the season 11-1, the Hornets have dropped 10 of their last 15 games including losses to the Pistons, 76ers, and Clippers. Not good.

However, according to head coach Monty Williams, the Hornets’ struggles are just a case of mixed up anatomy. Peep what he told Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears.

When asked if it was fair to say the Hornets played over their head with the hot start, Williams said: “Fair? It was reality. …Playing over your head, I don’t have an issue with that. I have an issue with not giving that over-your-head effort every night. We’ve played over our heads and we’ve played under our butts the last 2½ weeks.”

There you have it, Hornets fans. Your team was playing over their heads to start the season and now they’re doing the exact opposite. That’s why Monty Williams had to coin a phrase that I’ll be using from now on: “Under our butts.” It’s going to be big.

Then again, even though the Hornets did get off to a blistering start and are now definitely not blistering, it might just be a case of the Hornets playing around their waists. Maybe it’s not that the Jason Smiths, Marco Bellinellis and Willie Greens of the world aren’t so much underperforming as performing exactly how you’d expect from those guys. The Hornets’ role players were great to start the season and now they’re pretty mediocre, which is what you’d anticipate from mediocre players. Chris Paul’s awesome, but even he can’t make these guys amazing forever.

That being said, “around their waists” isn’t nearly as catchy as “under their butts.” Let’s stick with Monty’s explanation for the time being. It really is an excellent saying.