“[Marcin Gortat] is excited about the opportunity to get valuable playing time and really making a difference. … I feel like his first game, boy, he might wet his pants ’cause he’s going to be so excited.”Vince Carter, talking about how happy Gortat is to be in Phoenix

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  1. Who wouldn’t in his positiion?

    This guy’s main skill is pick & roll, and he is going to play with Steve Nash!

    No, I’m gonna ask this seriously: how much time will it taske for Gortat to be the best 7-footer (a.k.a. legit center) of the Suns’ history?

    I mean: he can rebound well, is a decent defender and should be killer on O with Nash.
    Chambers and Stoudemire can’t be considered as legit centers, seeing Shaq or Howard played at the same time.

    My point is: the Suns have a history of being terrible at the center position. Tarruble.
    That’s an identity Id be willing to lose.

    I bet some Suns fans are peeing themselves too!

    It just feels a perfect wedding…

  2. The Polish Hammer is going to dominate! Watch out Howard! He’s coming for you

  3. Yeah I’m still expecting .500

  4. You left out the rest of Vince’s quote!

    “he might wet his pants ’cause he’s going to be so excited….But don’t worry, I couldn’t care less and still won’t be trying hard because I’m Vince Carter and I suck.”

  5. I have to take more words to say Photoshop WIN

  6. Yeah SMK, that really came creeping low on the floor.

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