Saturday, December 18th was a strange night in the life of Ron Artest, even by Ron Artest’s standards. A group of Toronto artists created an art show celebrating Ron’s career entitled, “Lovable Badass.” And, as if to prove how unpredictable he is, Ron decided to show up. Check out the madness!

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Comments (19)

  1. How long will this exhibit be up in Toronto?

  2. Hahaha, hilarious.

  3. LOL, J.E that was funny!

    Great Job, on the post!

  4. That is fucking awesome. There was some serious nice art there, too!

  5. Majored in Math?!?!??!?

    he never ceases to amaze.

  6. @cos – no kidding. I figured it was possible to see a headline start “Ron Artest Crashes”, but would never have expected it to end “Ron Artest Exhibit” .

  7. This is awesome and hilarious in so many ways.

    The more I see of Ron the more I can resist liking him, even though I hate his Lakers =D

  8. err that would be can’t resist, haha.

  9. this is why I love Ron Ron. such an enigmatic, but amazing human being. Such a character.

  10. The basketball flipping the bird is so damn cool! I would buy a print of that. I want to read the whole ‘He Nuts’ comic. And some of the portraits were really well done. The Michael Jackson one is sweet. Great segment but I wish you would have had a full interview with Ron. You drank to much and did not expect that kind of access didn’t you?

    Still, awesome.

  11. Skeets’ voice over video of Ron and Kobe jawing at each other is still one of my favorite internet pieces of all time. Great job Skeets.

  12. I need that picture of Artest making out with Pierce.This is great

  13. I can only hope there’s an art piece featuring Ron Ron’s cameo in Nas is Like.

  14. Great coverage, here.

    Can we get some links to some of the artists’ own sites?

  15. 2:50, guy or girl? wtf

  16. QUEENSBITCH lmao

  17. 2:51 i think its a guy but could be a girl.. its hard to know with asians in sacramento kings jerseys

  18. Great piece.

    Most of the art can be seen here:

    Unsold pieces will be available to by online after the site goes live on January 1, 2011.

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