Six games tonight, which means we’re only dropping one sad, lonely game. Sorry, New Jersey and Memphis, but your brands of just-competitive-enough-to-not-be-embarrassing basketball don’t cut it tonight. We’ve got a lot more mediocre games to watch.

Dallas Mavericks at Orlando Magic
Kind of wish this game was scheduled for yesterday. Not only would neither team be playing the second night of a back-to-back, we also wouldn’t have confirmation that the Magic are going to need some time to adjust to adding three new players. Oh well, this should still be a pretty good game.

Golden State Warriors at Sacramento Kings
Consider this the Dubs Corollary — if there are no great games on, at least the Warriors game is going to be entertaining. That’s the case tonight, for sure.

Milwaukee Bucks at Los Angeles Lakers
Dang it, Brandon Jennings’ foot. This could have been way better. He’d give Derek Fisher fits while Andrew Bogut and Pau battle in the post and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute tries to defend Kobe. Still might be interesting.

Philadelphia 76ers at Chicago Bulls
I don’t think anybody is excited for Evan Turner’s return to Chicago except for the merchants at the Aurora Premium Outlet mall. Supposedly, that guy loves getting Nikes for cheap. Don’t tell Li-Ning.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Charlotte Bobcats
I have never once been excited for a Bobcats game. Not even the time they wore those checkerboard uniforms. Tonight is no different, but at least the Thunder have some exciting players. No offense to Tyrus Thomas, but I’m scarred from the Bulls years.