Here’s the Chicago Bulls’ Christmas video, a stirring rewrite of “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’s pleasantly awkward with a few chuckles thrown in for good measure. Great success, at least as good as the Lakers’ holiday offering.

You’ve got Derrick Rose weird pseudo-wink maneuver, Carlos Boozer’s over-manicured beard being all goofy with his lines, James Johnson’s surprisingly high-pitched voice and a shoehorned-in Scottie Pippen reminding everyone that the Bulls won six titles in 1990s and also that he’d still love to coach your team if you’ll let him. All in all, a nice performance, especially when the video’s director realized that an entire rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” would be way too long so they slipped in a cut of Benny the Bull telling everyone to get on with it. Good move, man — that song never ends.

My only complaint — no Brian Scalabrine. You’re telling me the Bulls couldn’t get Scal to freestyle a tight 16 over those jazzy horns in the background? Hogwash.

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  1. No blog that employs Tas Melas has the right to accuse someone of having an “over-manicured beard.”

  2. LOL. Nice one, Joetothemo.

    Still, there is something freaky about Boozer’s beard trim. It’s too close to the face. It looks like an action figure beard. At least Melas has some depth.

  3. Hey, wasn’t there a Mavs christmas video up earlier today?
    With players dressed as raideers and all… pretty funny too…

    Or did I just fall asleep at work and had a really, really, really weird dream?
    I mean: I can’t see how I would have remembered that Stevenson’s jersey # is 92, so, please, tell me I’m not crazy Trey Kirby.

  4. lmao…this is so corny…D-Rose couldn’t even keep a straight face

  5. Are the players contractually bound to embarrass themselves like that?

  6. Here’s the Mavs one with the reindeers. It is pretty funny.

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