Celtics center/goofball Shaquille O’Neal, in mandatory black tie and tails, made his conducting debut on Monday, leading the world renowned Boston Pops Orchestra and Tanglewood Festival Chorus in a stirring rendition of “Sleigh Ride” re-re-remixed with a lil’ “We Are The Champions” by Queen at the end. Bravo.

Cheers, AP.

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  1. This is exactly what Shaq should be doing.

    Do you think that tux is a rental?

  2. i am sure that tux is worth more than a used honda civic

  3. That actually may be the weirdest thing Shaq has done IMO…

    He even looks more natural as Shaquita!!!

  4. @mattd – it’s certainly bigger than one.

  5. @okaymattd – I resent that.

  6. He looks like a real life bobble head

  7. Hah if it is a rental, it is from a Halloween store for sure… What regular rental place rents a tux this size? :PP hahaha

    Man, dont you just love the Big Fella… It’s weird, the Boston thing has made him even more likeable :)

  8. Mead, it is not a bobblehead, the guy is a former rapper, the nodding comes natural…. hahah

  9. Yeah I no he was a hip hop Artist. That really means anything. i was just saying

  10. Shaq should have his own sitcom or show when he retires lol

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