When a guy catches three alley-oops in a single game, he deserves some medals …

Gold — This is the clear winner. It’s from half-court, Blake catches it over a jumping Corey Brewer and there’s that crazy rim hang after the dunk. Sure, spinning around like a gymnast isn’t worth anything, but it looks really awesome. 10.0 from the French judge.

Silver — Baseline spin for a lob from three-point land? That’s Shaq territory. Except, of course, Blakey GrifGriffs gets his head near the rim and leaves a small forward in the dust on his spin move. Not to mention, this clip introduces us to the new weird hand thing the Clippers do after dunks. Let’s call it the Turkey Gobble.

Bronze — OK, if this is your third-best alley-oop in a single game, you are doing things right in the alley-oop category. I mean, when a 40-foot pass is thrown to a guy off another baseline spin and it seems like no big deal, you have to consider how high the bar has been raised.

Those are my rankings, and I think they’re pretty accurate. Howevski, if you’d like to chime in with your thoughts down below, that’d be pretty great.