Wha' Happened?: Edvard Munch

Washington Wizards 108, Charlotte Bobcats 75
Seeing as how the Wizards are the only team from last weekend’s trade to win their first game after players had officially switched teams, it’s pretty obvious that they won the trade. And that’s without Rashard Lewis even playing. Addition by subtraction.

Atlanta Hawks 91, Orlando Magic 81
Meanwhile, the Orlando Magic — the only team in the trade who actually was able to play its new players — lost another game, their third in a row and seventh of their last eight. Clearly Hedo Turkoglu is not the answer.

Indiana Pacers 94, New Orleans Hornets 93
Losing a game to the Pacers on a Mike Dunleavy, Jr. tip-in at the buzzer might sound terrible because he’s not an athletic marvel known for his rebounding skills, but that’s a misconception. After all, Dunleavy does grab a higher percentage of offensive rebounds than LeBron James, Paul Pierce, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant. He’s a regular Dennis Rodman out there, so it makes sense that a Dunleavy offensive board would be the deciding play in a game.

Utah Jazz 101, Cleveland Cavaliers 90
Jerry Sloan is now tied with Pat Riley for third-most coaching wins of all-time. Those guys have so much in common.

Dallas Mavericks 98, Miami Heat 96
The Mavericks completed their season sweep of the Heat, which totally makes up for losing the 2006 Finals. Additionally, the Heat fans gave Mike Miller an almost hilariously huge ovation when he checked in for his first action of the season. Relax, Heat fans — it’s Mike Miller.

San Antonio Spurs 118, Phoenix Suns 110
Ho hum. The Spurs won their 24th of 27 games this season while their top six players all scored at least 10 points. They’re also on the verge of their second double-digit win streak of the season. Just Spursing it, really.

Portland Trail Blazers 106, Milwaukee Bucks 80
I really can’t figure either of these teams out. They both look horrible or tough every other night. However, now that the Bucks have to start Keyon Dooling due to Brandon Jennings’ injury, Milwaukee should be a little easier to understand.

Los Angeles Clippers 113, Minnesota Timberwolves 90
If it’s any consolation to Timberwolves fans, Blake Griffin only caught three alley-oops last night and only one was on a pass from half court. Over the course of a 48 minute game, that’s basically nothing.

Houston Rockers 121, Golden State Warriors 112
44 for Monta Ellis, 30 for Kevin Martin and 20 for Luis Scola. Somehow, those numbers seem tame for a Rockets-Warriors game. Rhymes.