I batted around a few ideas for the body of this post because I’d feel bad just posting a video and saying, “Watch this.” However, after careful consideration and contemplation, I’ve come to the realization that only three words are needed to give this clip some much-needed context.

Too much pizza.

(via Jose3030)

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  1. When I saw this during the game last night I knew instantly that y’all would leap at the opportunity to make fun of Turkoglu some more. I’m sure Tas was elated. However, Turkoglu actually played a solid defensive game last night. In fact it may have been his best defensive game in a long time. He constantly pestered and frustrated Nowitzki making him force up contested shorts. Maybe the Party Machine just prefers the nonstop party at the Magic Kingdom.

  2. Looks like all that Pizza and Sprite really affected his leaping ability…great defense there by the rim though

  3. It looked like Tas was dunking.

  4. Even the greatest of dunkers make mistakes. Especially when they’re FOULED. Still, pathetic hops 6’10″ fella.

    If I was 6’10″, I would not have let that happened. I would’ve passed it back to J-Rich.

  5. tas … you shouldve slammed that in their throats!!

  6. All that needs to be stated: BALL.

  7. Yes he can’t jump but there is a FOUL on the play. Look at a Kidd’s arm. I don’t know how the official missed that .

  8. Maybe if Hedo acted out a bit like he was fouled instead of trying to dunk anyway… which kinda backfired eventually :) I think he could have helped the refs a bit

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