Oklahoma City Thunder 99, Charlotte Bobcats 81
Hey, the Bobcats. You’ve only scored 100 or more points in 25 percent of your games and haven’t hit the century mark since December 7. This isn’t 1952. Get serious.

Dallas Mavericks 105, Orlando Magic 99
Nice work, Dallas. 12 straight wins, a close loss and then four more wins heading in to a week-long break over the holidays. That’s called taking care of business, Bachman-Turner Overdrive style. And that’s called bad, dated jokes, Jay Leno style.

New Jersey Nets 101, Memphis Grizzlies 94
Check out Sasha Vujacic over here with his 16 points and two three-pointers. Play like that for the Lakers and maybe you’re not a Net right now, bud. Nonetheless, the Netters are 2-1 since The Machine arrived in New Jersey, making this the best trade of the season.

Chicago Bulls 121, Philadelphia 76ers 76
If you throw out the first and third quarter — where Chicago outscored Philadelphia by a combined 34 points — this is only an 11 point loss for the Sixers. That’s called perspective, folks. On the other hand, it’s kinda nice that the 76ers scored 76 points, as that’s only happened 18 times since 1986. Now this 45-point loss doesn’t look so bad, does it? (Yes, it does.)

Golden State Warriors 117, Sacramento Kings 109 OT
If Lou Amundson hadn’t fouled out in 13 minutes, maybe Vladimir Radmanovic doesn’t play a season-high 27 minutes. And maybe, because he wasn’t in the flow of the game, he doesn’t hit that high-arcing three to send the game in to overtime where the Warriors took over. Sometimes fouling way too much can be beneficial.

Milwaukee Bucks 98, Los Angeles Lakers 79
The Bucks played so well and the Lakers played so poorly that Milwaukee head coach Scott Skiles was actually effusive in his praise. He’s not usually the type of guy to say things like, “Both ends were good for us, so I don’t want to pick one. In the second half, we were as good as we’ve been all year on the defensive end,” so you know this was a whooping.