On today’s final episode of 2010, Skeets and Tas discuss Larry Brown “stepping down” in Charlotte, wonder whether new interim head coach Paul Silas can “save” Tyrus Thomas’ career, question the Raptors’ effort, applaud Pop’s fourth-quarter decision, and get jacked for the NBA’s crazy Christmas Day schedule.

All that, plus a huge announcement about The Jones’ upcoming five-year anniversary!

And oh, not to fire up the allergies or anything, but on behalf of the entire TBJ team, I want to sincerely thank anyone who took the time to watch, share or comment on a Jones video this past year. We truly appreciate it.

Happy holidays, guys.

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Comments (10)

  1. OKC vs Denver should be excellent.

  2. Skeets is a pottymouth.

  3. “This is a old-school motherfcuker!”
    Lol Skeets made my day.

  4. in defense of our shitty raps, amir is hurt, jose is hurt, sonny’s out (even though he sucks), so we were down a few

  5. @guhzelle – that is no defense. Amir and Jose played – no Bayless hurt – but no one was pissed off on that floor. The only pissed off people were at the head of the bench, in the stands, and at home watching the debacle.

  6. thanks, tas, for finally giving the nuggs a little love; i know your saying they’re ENTERTAINING (sorry, no italics) isn’t the same as saying they’re GOOD, but still.

    i’m definitely a homer, but i think anyone who’s followed denver even casually would have to admit that they’re a tough bunch. crazy, maybe, but tough. kmart has been out all year. birdman has been out almost all year. chauncey and melo have both been hurt. and speaking of melo….well, i don’t need to bring up all the stuff surrounding his imminent departure (i just did, though).

    so thanks.

    rip michelle anthony.

  7. Keith, definitely both entertaining and good (I’ve got HTML skills). I think ‘tough’ is the appropriate word for this team and what they’ve overcome.

  8. need to record the live show please

    for us non-torontonians non-americans but still fans

  9. This is one of those situations where I wish Montreal and Toronto were closer… Although my wife would probably understand if I was going to a live show that’s usually on the internets, by myself, right? Right?

  10. I need more warning for things like this. I can’t get a passport by January 21.

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