Chicago Bulls 87, Washington Wizards 80
Kurt Thomas played 40 minutes for the Bulls last night, something he hasn’t done since January 22, 2006 in a double overtime game when he was still a Phoenix Sun. That’s what’s going on with the Bulls center position right now and they still beat the Wizards.

Detroit Pistons 115, Toronto Raptors 93
Hey, Toronto. You might not want to boo Tracy McGrady anymore. He scored 17 points against you and only missed four shots. He also had seven rebounds, seven assists and three steals. Then again, it is pretty funny when you guys boo him because he really takes it personally. Your call.

Atlanta Hawks 98, Cleveland Cavaliers 84
Antawn Jamison and Joe Johnson each led their teams with 23 points. I’m just going to go out on a limb here and guess that there were floaters involved.

Boston Celtics 84, Philadelphia 76ers 80
14 straight wins for the Celtics, which is really impressive considering the amount of injuries they’ve withstood during their streak. And also because 14 wins is more than half of the teams in the NBA.

New York Knicks 112, Oklahoma City Thunder 98
You would think that Jeff Green would maybe stop shooting so many threes, considering he’s making only 28 percent on the season, but then you see that he was 1-6 last night and you’re like, “Guess not, Jeffers.”

Utah Jazz 112, Minnesota Timberwolves 107
Seven blown double-digit leads for the Timberwolves and 10 double-digit comeback wins for the Jazz means that Utah trailing by 12 heading in to last night’s final quarter pretty much guaranteed a Jazz victory. Should have just skipped the quarter and given the Jazz some high fives.

New Orleans Hornets 105, New Jersey Nets 91
Travis Outlaw probably felt bad about scoring nine points on 11 shots, but then he saw that Trevor Ariza only scored eight on 11 shots and smiled. Then missed more shots, probably.

San Antonio Spurs 109, Denver Nuggets 103
10 straight wins for the Spurs, who got 22 points from Gary Neal because that is just something that is very Spurs-y to happen.

Houston Rockets 97, Los Angeles Clippers 92
Blake Griffin had a lot of points, a lot of rebounds and some excellent dunks but the Clippers lost. Standard operating procedure.