Due to a Christmas miracle we can show you all of our very special “year-end, holiday, best of” TV show!

Kick back with some ‘nog and enjoy all your TBJ faves from the past year: Steve Nash flopping, Hedo Turkoglu dancing, Kobe Bryant apologizing, Tim Duncan rhyming, LeBron’s elbows, Chris Bosh’s theme song and more.

Have a safe and happy holidays, Internet friends!


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Comments (30)

  1. Still trying to figure how Ron DIDN’T have time for art or architecture but did for math?!

  2. Ya’ll are something special. Looking forward to what 2011 brings.

  3. What is the name of the song around the 8:00 mark that starts with “one for the money?”

    Also, what is the name of the techno song for Dancin’ Hedo?

    Funny stuff guys. I love it.

  4. 22:30 gone, but worth every second. Merry Christmas and thank you!

  5. Liston, math is based on known formulas and at all but the highest levels does not require effort beyond memorization and practice. Architecture requires one learn to draft, which is a very time consuming process even when done in software on a computer. After mastering the basics of creating architectural plans the field of study then requires one spend a huge amount of time learning about what has been built in the past, and then come up with something new and interesting. As well, math can be contained in a few books and some lecture time where architecture requires a much larger kit of study materials. large architectural plans on big sheets of paper, time on a computer and the related digital files, hand drafting equipment like 24 inch T squares and large triangles, pens and pencils, it goes on and on.

    Math would definitely be easier to fit in with serious team athletics just for being able to study effectively by sitting and opening a book vs needing a drafting table and all the related tools to produce complicated plans for a buildings construction.

  6. I’d probably have a much more productive life without you guys, but it wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable. 2010 Was a huge year for TBJ, can’t wait to see what you guys have for us next year.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. Wow guys. I hadn’t even seen that last song before so that was a real treat! Y’all are really talented and I’m excited to see what you have in store for us next year! Keep up the amazing amazing work.

  8. Lots of funny stuff, laughed a lot even though I had seen most of it already.

    One question though: what’s the name of the song playing at 7:50?

  9. i just realized that all of the Bell’s in the song have been a Warrior at some point in their careers

  10. “We forgot the Clippers”

    Great show guys. Gonna miss watching the show this next week, but have a great holiday off.

  11. So epic, loved seeing your Love Song again. Hope next year is as good as 2010 was for TBJ fans.

  12. Tas Melas as Turkoglu… Dunno how I missed that episode because that was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  13. You guys are brilliant, keep up the great work in the New Year. Thanks for all the entertainment.

  14. Great stuff….some day you guys should start selling whole seasons on DVD…..I’m guaranteeing you at least one buyer

  15. Tas Melas IS Turkoglu haha.

  16. @ Ed Hargrave : And it’s not even the only episode where Tas does the Turk dance. The previous was in the streets trying to lure some people to dance with Turk.

    You guys are awesome ;-)

  17. you changed the picture of the mad bosh ;)

    great show cant wait for next year

  18. not so sure i can take your sincere thanks so seriously after you take a cheap shot at my clips like that. ima send blake to dunk on your asses.

  19. Oh man that last song was hilarious. Great job guys

  20. Great job guys keep it up!

  21. I think for art maybe you have to spend too many hours at one time sitting in the studio, so that would maybe conflict with basketball practice?

  22. I got NERF on the phone and they will gladly sponsor a Doppelganger Mini Dunk off between Tas and Hedo. The Best part is, Vegas caught wind and is giving Tas 3 to 1 odds. What should I do?

  23. i had a tune stuck in my head all morning but couldn’t come up with any of the words. eventually i realized it was “nba love theme.”

  24. p.s. i’d seen most of the highlights, but they were well worth a year-end review.

  25. @Ken – you’ve obviously never studied maths at university level. its far from just memorisation.

  26. Lots of highlights! Turk packing his bag, like a bosh vid, TBJ business meeting -> phenomenal acting. The carols frightening poor children. Skeets looking like the frontman of ‘The Darkness’…

    Thank you guys. Keep the funny stuff coming!

  27. Thanks for getting your hairstyle under control, Skeets.

  28. great work, great year, go on.

  29. @hater – I have and the word is Mathematics, not Maths… and we are not talking about a masters degree we are talking undergraduate studies. SHEESH!

    BTW great year Jones, you kept me company while I did some serious mathismistical type stuff for homes-work… Thanks!

  30. @ken – don’t be so damn arrogant, its maths in my country. and i did 2 years worth for my degree, and it wasn’t rote-learning.

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