Tuff Juice, the Caron Butler energy drink. Yum.

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  1. “Obtuse” from Shawshank was clever.

  2. 0-3 on the gambling thing Skeets, NEVAR FORGET

  3. Hector — Those weren’t my picks. NEVAR READ THE POST, apparently.

  4. Jeez man, it’s a joke.

  5. this is just a take on the powerthirst commercials

  6. thats prety funny. hope he’s making some good cash on that or else he just looks like a fool. lol >

  7. Reaaaaaally funny!

  8. lie Ashfin said…the orginal was done 3 years ago, and was about 3 times funnier…

    B+ for effort, C for result…


    Actually, you slueths missed the actual Powerthirst knockoff….

  10. he asked you to take it down? or you chose to do it on your own?

    any way, kinda lame taking this joke out – one that decide to get published, should be able to leave with his embarrass moments, and embrace it.

  11. Picninface better have been paid for those videos. Or at least credited. Maybe a free ticket to a game?

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