Here is a fun game to play with your friends down below in the comments. Basically, what we’re trying to find out is how Rajon Rondo described himself to the Boston Globe.

His descriptoid for your consideration:

“I have become more of a [expletive] now,’’ [Rondo] said. “People say I am big-headed, but that comes with it.’’

There are a lot of possible explanations, but here’s my best guess: “super cool guy.”

Not only does it make sense from a the-word-”a”-followed-by-a-word-that-starts-with-a-consonant standpoint, it also makes total sense when you consider that people who are super cool are often tSohought to be big-headed. It fits and it’s perfect and I think we can all agree that Rondo is a pretty cool guy. We might have to ask Michael Beasley if he’s “super cool,” but it would certainly jibe with the syntax. Only problem is it’s not an expletive, but just forget about that.

Like Charles Barkley said, “I may be wrong but I doubt it.” Nonetheless, there’s a chance I am. If so, it’d be pretty great if you filled in the correct answer down below. Fun times.

Comments (12)

  1. “I have become more of a dick now” – is definitely what was said, and i’d agree!

  2. “I have to become more of a boom-shakalaka type of player now,” Rondo said. “Then I’ll be able to switch to big-head mode.”

  3. its called confidence, thats what being a dick is, IE: Kobe, Jordan, and now Rondo

  4. It’s gotta be “I have become more of a dick now”, and I’ve gotta agree with Jacob’s take.

    In terms of on-the-floor persona, none of the all-time greats are ever remembered as being nice guys. Good teammates, unselfish, dedicated, but not really sweethearts. That seems to be a common thread among these guys. They’re not concerned with being popular or hurting feelings, they are just after results.

  5. I have become more of a Kia Rondo now.
    It’s called viral marketing, y’all

  6. Rondo is overrated.

    He sits and Boston still wins. I could get 5 assists a night on that team.

  7. @rafael

    did you watch the final 12 minutes of the christmas day game? if you didn’t notice how badly the celtics missed rondo during that time then you clearly don’t watch the celtics much

  8. @rafael, @willkav

    Yeah, when I’m watching the C’s games it’s so painfully obvious that Rondo is the player they need to come back the most. Watch Nate Robinson play the point and tell me that Rondo’s overrated.

  9. I think he dropped an M-F, “I have become more of an M-Fer now…”

    Anyone that says Rondo is underrated clearly doesn’t understand basketball.

  10. meant to say *overrated whoops

  11. I think he said ‘Lebron James.’

  12. The C word, for sure.

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