Remember when Dwight Howard was all about not joking around, not doing impressions and not being the fun-loving jokey-jokemaker who had delighted NBA fans for the past few years? ‘Twas in the ancient days of October, so it’s easy to understand that he’d eventually break from his code of somberness with mimicry of one of the most controversial pregame traditions in today’s NBA. Two-and-a-half months of being serious is enough to crack even the strongest, most serious of men.

Meanwhile, I — like I assume, many of you to be — am like the fellow in the blue fleece vest watching Dwight. Amused, but not quite as amused as Dwight would like. (Also, deeply in love with polar fleece body coverings, but you probably knew that already.)

“Nice zing, Dwight,” he seems to say, “I remember that too. Now go play basketball, Captain Clever.”

Comments (3)

  1. He crocodile-armed the throwing of the dust. Deep down he was afraid of offending Lebron so he didn’t put his all into it. Come on Dwight, you’re better than that.

  2. The best part was him sticking out his lower jaw, Lebron like.

  3. you honestly think dwight is funny cause he’s a cornball. if dwight howard was a comedian he’d be doug benson ( i hate doug benson)

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