Why? Because you called refs “control freaks” and that’s a no-no in David Stern’s NBA. Duh.

Also, possibly because you’re wearing velvet pants, though that punishment would come from the fashion police rather than the league office. Nonetheless, definitely worthy of a $35,000 fine.

At least.

(via CSNNE)

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  1. Why? are you still playing is the question

  2. “Shaq, I’ve seen better acting in Kazaam” – Paul Pierce

    Double zing.

  3. @ Shaq taking KG to the floor….PAUSE!!!!

  4. When he takes Kevin down, am I the only one who thought “Well, that knee injury would have been fun to explain”?

    I love Shaq.

  5. @ Scott B, why are you such a douche?

    Gotta love Shaq and his antics. The game is going to be a lot less entertaining when he is gone. The All-Star game already sucks without him.

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