Now this is what the Internet is all about. Someone noticing Stan Van Gundy’s grimaces after each and every Hedo Turkoglu jumper, then making a video about it set to Bobby McFerrin’s classic “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” Citizen journalism at its finest.

Furthermore, it’s good to know that deep down inside, Stan Van Gundy hates Hedo Turkoglu just as much as we do. In today’s day and age, knowing someone’s got your back is all you can really ask for.

Thanks, Stan Van.

(via majlajuna)

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  1. best video ever? best video ever

  2. The question is: How did he react to Nelson’s, Redick’s and the other guys’ threes? I have the feeling he “hates” them too.

  3. lol… I really don’t get Stan Van… His team is up 11-0 to start the game and he’s grumpy…

    As much as I hated Turk in Toronto and Phoenix looking lazy and desinterested, I really wish this will bring back the Orlando of the Finals. They were so fun to watch…

  4. Stan’s philosophy’s: Improvement even if Orlando’s number one or number five.

    Did you see how many three pointers Hedo attempted that day? It was a little overboard if you ask me, granted he shot 50% from the arc (after 8 attempts), but treys are pretty risky in games like those.

  5. Bloody brilliant.

  6. I think that’s just how SVG looks all the time.

  7. SVG owed him a TON of Pizza Slices afterwards, thats why.

  8. That’s Stan’s happy face.

  9. thats bob marley, not Bobby McFerrin

  10. That’s exactly what my face looks like everytime C.J. Watson (Chicago) shoots. Great video though.

  11. @cathy, I really hope you’re joking with that comment.

    Gotta love SVG. If Tas and Skeets couldn’t make him smile telling their jokes, there’s no way Hedo jacking 3′s will do it.

  12. SVG: He Don’t!!!

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