Orlando Magic 110, Cleveland Cavaliers 95
Hey-o, four straight wins for the Magdawgs, including victories over the Spurs and Celtics. Even better, Orlando scored 35 in the fourth quarter, all with Earl Clark serving as the team’s pseudo-center. Sure, it was against the Cavaliers, but that’s at least encouraging.

Boston Celtics 95, Indiana Pacers 83
Shaq fouled out in just 16 minutes. He scored 9 points, grabbed two rebounds and had four turnovers. Meanwhile, Jermaine O’Neal didn’t take a shot and had three fouls in 12 minutes. Centers are super important, you guys.

Miami Heat 106, New York Knicks 98
40 points and nine boards for Dwyane Wade. Dueling 18 and 10s for LeBron James and Chris Bosh. 30 combined points from the other six Heat who played. This is what Miami envisioned, for sure.

Chicago Bulls 90, Milwaukee Bucks 77
Just 77 points on just 27 made shots for the Bucks. Pretty bad action, but neither season-lows. That’d be sad, but the Bucks are the worst shooting, worst scoring team in the league. And their leading scorer is Brandon Jennings. Makes sense when you really think about it.

Toronto Raptors 84, Dallas Mavericks 76
Looks like the drop-off of 35 minutes a game from Dirk Nowitzki to 20 minutes of Brian Cardinal is that big of a downgrade. Who-da thunk?

San Antonio Spurs 97, Los Angeles Lakers 82
Three straight Ls for the Lakeshow, all against potential playoff teams. That might mean something if this was a team that even knew what the regular season was. Nonetheless, try winning a game, geez.

Denver Nuggets 95, Portland Trail Blazers 77
Yes, an 18-point drubbing against a team that had lost seven of its previous 10 looks bad. However, no Blazers were injured in the making of this loss. Consider that a net positive.