Think about it. It’s the only possible explanation, right? Greene knew ‘Reke’s shot was goin’ in!

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  1. Good one Skeeters!

    “So why don’t you make like a tree… and get outa here”. – BIFF

  2. Very subtle changing the 2000 to 2010. Well done.

    Also, tangentially related: my fiancee just bought me the Marty one of these for Xmas. She’s awesome:

  3. hahaha skeetz you are just hilarious!

  4. [...] huge basketball fan. However, if those get out of hand, throw on this classic while thinking about Donte Greene’s hilarious reaction. Then…Back to the Future Part II (AMC — 8:30pm ET) …stick around for the second [...]

  5. Wouldn’t it be “1950-2011″?

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