TBJ Top 5, featuring classic Texas

Just your laid-back, super cool slate of games for tonight. Three games, all of which should be good, especially the one in Texas. As they say, everything is the best basketball game of the night in Texas. Or something like that.

San Antonio Spurs at Dallas Mavericks
Oh, you know, just the two best teams record-wise in the NBA who happen to be bitter rivals facing each other. No big deal, just the potential for a classic game.

New York Knicks at Orlando Magic
We’ve had our fun with Amar’e Stoudemire’s refusal to indulge magic, but someone needs to tell him that the Orlando Magic are a real basketball team or else this game will be a total letdown.

Utah Jazz at Portland Trail Blazers
Winner of this game gets an extravagant, front-loaded contract offer from the Blazers which the Jazz may or may not match. Weird promotion, but it’s fitting.

Back to the Future (AMC — 6pm ET)
Not going to lie to you — there’s not much to watch on TV tonight. Your best bet is to watch the games because you are a huge basketball fan. However, if those get out of hand, throw on this classic while thinking about Donte Greene’s hilarious reaction. Then…

Back to the Future Part II (AMC — 8:30pm ET)
…stick around for the second part, which doubles as the best movie of the trilogy. Yes, really. And, if you’re feeling really crazy, stick around for “Back to the Future Part III,” though I can’t honestly recommend that course of action.