Lamar Odom seems like a pretty chill bro. He married the fun Kardashian, he’s always down to act goofy and he played on the 2000-01 Clippers. All things considered, he appears to be a good dude who likes having good times and eating candy.

That being said, I have no clue what he’s talking about when he described his behind-the-back, 12-foot running finger roll to dunk move from last night’s game against the Hornets. From the Associated Press:

“It’s funny that a play like that happens in New Orleans,” Odom said. “Basketball is almost like jazz, right? Because if you make one move, you can take it to another move, but you never know which way it’s going.”

Unless this is a meta-commentary on the art of improvisation and the way basketball, jazz and life can all change in an instant, I’m totally baffled. You try to figure it out.