If you look good, you feel good. That’s something we’ve all heard at some point in our lives. And, as this weird girl in my freshman year chemistry course once said, “I like to get dressed up for exams because if you look good, you’ll do better on your test.” That’s probably not true because she wasn’t the best student, but it certainly fits in with that ethos. Essentially, the first step to success is fixing up and looking sharp.

So that’s why it’s understandable that Jameer Nelson would be so terrified that he wasn’t at his most beautiful for last night’s nationally televised game against the Knicks. From the New York Daily News:

As Magic point guard Jameer Nelson was warming up 90 minutes before tip-off Thursday night he asked assistant coach Brendan Malone: “This game is on TNT? Since when?”

When told the game was a national broadcast, Nelson replied: “I better go get my hair cut.”

Oh, man — gotta hate going on TV with raggedy hair. Not a good look, which is probably why Jameer only had 10 points and seven assists. I don’t want to blame anything on his appearance, but I’d surmise that 90 percent of his just-OK performance stems from the fact that it was probably at least a week since he’d been tapered up.

What this proves is that NBA players definitely care about what they look like on TV. It’s no different than you taking a shower before heading in to your data coordinator job where you really just look at the Internet all day. No one likes to be the out-of-place, weird-looking dude around the workplace. Nice to be reminded that’s the case in the NBA too.

That being said, Jameer Nelson probably didn’t need a haircut. In fact, I think his hair has looked the exact same in every single game that he’s played in this entire career. No worries.