It is easy to undermine the complexity of NBA offenses by reducing them to simply a series of isolations and pick-and-rolls. In reality, there are tiny things that each team does to get guys open or in to those two bread-and-butter plays. There are quick hitters intended to get easy shots. There are out of bounds plays that are just as important as on-court plays. Even if it might seem sometimes that NBA players are just making it up as they go along, there’s really a great deal of sophistication in NBA offenses.

Except for the Bulls, who are intentionally and totally undermining that entire argument. Jerks.

From ESPN:

It’s not so much that Thibodeau’s offensive Xs and Os are that much different than other coaches’ around the league, it’s just that he’s given Rose the freedom to create all over the floor. It’s a freedom that Rose says he’s never felt before.

“Never in my whole life of playing basketball,” Rose said. “He don’t care. He just cares about defense. When we come down or shoot a bad shot or whatever, he don’t really care about that. He wants to pick that up on the defensive end where that mistake on the offensive end, it can’t happen on defense. He just says that he can live with missed shots, but he can’t live with people not giving their full effort.”

Oh, right. Sometimes NBA offense is just “my guy’s better than you, deal with it.” Depending on the personnel, it can be pretty efficient.

After all, the Bulls are 17th in the NBA in offensive efficiency after finishing 27th last season. Sure, it’s still the lower half of the league and pretty bad considering the Bulls start three guys capable of averaging 20 points a game, but it’s still an improvement. Derrick Rose is crazy good and it’s impressive that a first-time head coach wouldn’t want to micromanage his offense. That doesn’t happen all the time with experienced head coaches.

On the other hand, 17th is 17thg. Maybe Thibs should care a little bit about offense. Maybe get up in to the top 10 to match the defense and become an elite team. Just a thought.