Ep. 637: Up and At 'Em

On the first show of 2011 (!), Skeets and Tas take you through the winners and losers of the holiday season. Sitting pretty are the new-look Magic, the steady Spurs, “The Heatles” and Kevin Love. On the schneid are the lifeless Lakers, the Nets’ pitiful offense and the Dallas Mavericks, maybe. All that, plus Hedo’s magical English, LeBron’s ridiculous birthday cake and a Jones viewer hits the jackpot! Big time.


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Comments (15)

  1. Come on guys the Kings had back to back home wins with the most ridiculous game winner in decades and a solid comeback victory over the Suns. This was our only opportunity to make it this year. Just remember you hated this shot… http://www.nba.com/topplaysladder/?ls=iref:nbahpt1

  2. i was disappointed when Hedo was trade again because I felt as if Skeets and Tas (Nash and Hedo) were on the same team ahah.

  3. “most ridiculous game winner in decades”
    Meh, not as good as Devin Harris’ last year

    Coach of the Month is silly and Coach of the Year doesn’t mean much either. Look at Sam Mitchell and Mike Brown, where are they now. Also, look at the Cavs current record.. LeBron James really made his teammates and coach look a lot better than they actually are.

  4. I think you guys underestimate the harm Butler’s absence does to the Mavs (as did Dwyer on BDL). Some reasons:

    - 15 points with decent efficiency does not seem like all that much, but the Mavs have a greater than average need of consistent scoring.

    - Butler is actually really good on defense. Since Marion can’t sweep up all of his minutes we get Brian Cardinal playing significant minutes, which, as downgrades go, is a pretty massive one (his reputation as a hard-nosed tough-guy is totally undeserved. His only defensive skill is flopping. That’s not an exaggeration).

    Plus, I don’t think Butler’s 3point shooting would have regressed too much. He just gets great looks where he can step into the shot nicely, and less standstill, pumpfaked threes.

  5. @Steve- Totally agree on Tyreke. Everyone was going absolutely nuts, but then I was like, wait a minute, Harris did that two years ago, except he was stripped of the ball and recovered it in midair before flinging it in, unlike Evans, who was wide open. I think people went nuts more because the Kings actually won a game.
    And in terms of Coach of the Year-good examples there, except you forgot to mention that Jerry Sloan has never won it. That would help your case as well.

  6. Black TBJ shirt just arrived :o) When you mentioned Kevin Love, reminded me of stupid ass Rambis last night. If you watched the game, Wolves had a stop and Wes Johnson was open for a breakaway dunk when Love pulled down a defensive reb. Wouldn’t you know it, Rambis dumb ass called timeout, and the Wolves lost. And no Kahn, Darko will never be an All-Star, will someone shoot this guy already?

  7. New Years resolution, comment on everything I read/watch.

    Winner? My boy Billups, playing out of his head right now.

  8. The only thing worse than hearing that Macaulay Culkin is still alive is finding out he’s been banging one of the hottest females for the past 8 years.

    San Antonio – Boston, tomorrow at 7:30. Wish KG was healthy so it meant more.

  9. How about them dubs though!! I know the warriors arent doing anything groundbreaking but they are quietly coming together. 5-5 in their last ten games with great efforts against both the Heat and the Magic, this team is starting to figure out what they have to do to win. They are playing hard and getting balanced contributions from everyone on the roster including Dorrell Wright who HAS to be the NBA’s most improved player this year. I look forward to seeing them continue playing well and pulling out that 8 spot in the west. Much love tbj

  10. Vesper’s comment shoulda been the quote of the day. Instead we got this incredibly depressing one (although so very true) from Tas, which pretty much ruins my day. Try something a little more positive (or maybe funny) next time, man.

  11. I’d like to hear you guys talk a bit about the Sixers (I know, another “show love to my team” comment).
    I know they’re 13-21, 9th in the very weak East (if you take away the top 4 teams), but they have some of the most promising (read, under the radar) young players like Holiday, Lou Williams, Jodie Meeks, Thaddeus Young to name a few.
    Sure, they’ve lost a lot of games and some horrible loss (45 points against the Bulls) but they’ve been hanging around in a lot of games against very good teams like Boston, L.A. and Atlanta. If they can learn to finish games (especially those two against the Celtics), they can go up to .500 and make it into the playoffs.

    Obviously I’m a Sixers fan (have been for a decade), but entering this season with low expectations, I’ve been surprised with how good they can play at times.

    Keep up the great work guys.

  12. Am I the only one who finds it annoying when players yell “And 1!” at the refs or whoever when a foul was not called AND they failed to make the basket? This serious issue must be addressed in a future episode of TBJ.

  13. Man, as the show was going on, I couldn’t help but think of LeBron’s comments…the Nets, the Bobcats, the Wolves, etc. That being said I can’t believe he didn’t even get a mention as a Loser of the Week (or Break) for his dumbest comments yet: “I didn’t know what contraction meant.” Either his sentiment was right & he was speaking truth & betraying his fellow players or he was wrong in his sentiment because he didn’t know what a word (which he used perfectly and gave examples of!) truly meant. Wanker.

  14. I think we can call Hedo’s problems with English “the Sammy Sosa Syndrome”.

  15. “The Floridian basketball fans…if there are any out there.” Tas! Now you’ve just hurt Stan’s feelings. http://bit.ly/dDZREo

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