Ep. 638: Big Dunk Debate

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas start the NBA Dunk Contest hype and take you around some of the league’s big games. Blake, Epic Vale, Air Congo … is this the year of the big man? Was the Spurs vs. Knicks game an example of poor defense or well-executed offense? Have both the Mavs and Blazers lost their biggest strength? All that, plus your NBA doodles, Walt Frazier’s jacket and the most gong show TBJ ending ever. Wow.


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Comments (30)

  1. When Wilson Chandler is hitting the 3, his game reminds me of a young Scotty Pippen(on both ends of the floor). When it’s all “CLANK CITY”, it’s more like Tim Thomas.

  2. Classic ending…

  3. hey guys how long does it take to ship the shirts? bought one a couple weeks ago thanks.

  4. Nice, that was one of the best meltdowns yet!

  5. Blake Griffin, DeMar DeRozan, Russell Westbrook, and Corey Brewer (or Wesley Johnson)

  6. Great half of a Landry Fields stat.

    I think last night was a combination of sub-par (but not terrible) defense by the Spurs and amazing shooting by the Knicks. You’re right about Amar’e and Felton knocking down 20 footers. Those guys couldn’t miss. But it helped that the Spurs were giving them space. Felton made Parker pay over and over again for going under screens. The best strategy for Amar’e, I thought, was to force him a little further back from the hoop and smother him, make him put the ball on the floor. Chandler reminded me of Dragic in the playoffs last year. I had nightmares afterwards.

  7. I think it’s okay if Tas wants to knock the Knicks. The fact is, while we’re an interesting up-and-coming team after so many years of mediocrity, there are still too many holes for us to be in any serious discussion about the Knicks making a real dent. It’s obvious that this team is not built to make a serious playoff push. Wilson Chandler starting at PF won’t get you 4 wins in a playoff series.

    If we stay afloat and above 0.500 for the rest of the season with a playoff berth, I’d consider it a major success given no real backup PG, no traditional backup big, a short rotation, and the looming Carmelo free agency.

    And if the Knicks magically outperform this expectation, Tas won’t be the only one eating crow.

  8. Yeah those drawings are way too good. Needs moar Bargnani dunking on Godzilla.

  9. The last 60 seconds of this episode need to go on the highlight reel.

    TBJ’s resident poet (?)

  10. I hope that Don Cherry comment was the only hockey talk we’re going to hear from the Jones this year…

  11. Is it time for the traditional Spurs January “meltdown” yet? Seems like it’s all part of Popovich’s evil plan…

  12. Skeets–

    You’re going to want to flip those “points in the paint” numbers. San Antonio had 62 and New York had 50.

  13. In the original tweet Andrew suggested the jersey per day idea couldn’t include alternates, but I thought it was worth getting the Pistons home and away kits in by using Sheed’s number change.

  14. Batum looks like Drake/D.J. White. And who is that guarding Will the Thrill, he has shit on his bald head

  15. upload that ‘sheed pic

  16. I still think the Knicks are going to struggle throughout the year, they have a tough road trip coming up and another one the week after. I think we can all agree they are playing well, but over performing. I can’t help but see the short rotation hurting them come April.

    Best quote of the year? Thanks Tas!

  17. Excellent show (again). Got to hear the Mat breakout laugh again and it made my day ;-)

    For the dunk contest, Griffin is a no brainer. Ibaka is a freak so if he’s motivated, should do some good. Mc Gee can be awesome or pathetic according his decisions but Jennings ? Intriguing. Except he’s hurt right now…

    The Gay/Love doodle reminds me a recent pick up game. The other guys had jerseys with nicknames dating back from their graduation year. One of them had “Super Gay”. Of course another guy couldn’t resist asking why. “Just for fun” he replied. Ok…

  18. Friends – if you haven’t heard, the 4 dunkers have been confirmed, and here is some proof of Ibaka’s dunking abilities (1:40 mark): http://youtu.be/52texkIM4rk

    And, Jennings / McGee’s as well: http://ning.it/grmBvx

  19. Weak episode boys. Guess you still need to get into the swing of things.

  20. I wanted to hear that Landry fields stat man.

  21. Here you go Race (courtesy DraftExpress.com – http://www.draftexpress.com/article/Rookie-Retrospective-Landry-Fields-3602#ixzz1ADMrj7eu)

    In his senior year, Fields took 73 catch-and-shoot jumpers compared to 67 off the dribble, whereas in the pros he’s taken 65 catch-and-shoot compared to just 12 off the dribble. With him scoring an abysmal 0.5 points per shot with off the dribble jumpers, this has been a major boon to his overall efficiency.

  22. Can you guys end every episode like this one?


  23. In some ways, Landry Fields success could change next draft a bit. People will be looking more for players that can post up in small ball situations and still be versatile enough to play small forward or shooting guard.

  24. At first, I didn’t dig all the bigs in the dunk contest, but then I remembered last year had all short guys and swingmen and look how that turned out. Bring on the lumbering brutes.

  25. As an avid fan of the dunk con…

    Ah, who am I kidding, I’ve never watched it and I’m not starting now.

  26. Hi Jonesers. Since we’re on the topic of Blake Griffin, could you help me out with this one?


    Love your work as always guys. Ac2lly inspired me to make my own blog. Thanks!

    Keep it up!

  27. I have to admit, I’ve been really impressed with the way the Mavs have played defense, particularly down the stretch of tight games. But, I still wonder (for many of the reasons you guys discussed) if that offense can lead to postseason success.

  28. Man, I just watched today’s after skipping this one, but I’m sooooo glad that I went back to watch it. The last part of this episode was instant classic.

  29. The dunk contest should have been with Blake, Demar, Rose and Westbrook

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