If you ask me, someone should record Turiaf’s reaction to everything that happens on any NBA basketball court ever. Missed backcourt violation? Hilarious overreaction. Wrong out of bounds call? Hysterical disagreement. Get dunked on? Shoulder the guy who did it in the chest and get a technical foul. OK, so maybe that last one doesn’t exactly fit, but still.

DeJuan Blair must have told him there’s not actually an old man who turned in to a baby at the stroke of midnight as the year changed from 2010 to 2011. Judging by his Santa Claus response, it’s safe to assume he’d be a bit upset about having another illusion shattered.

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  1. Like taking Candy from a… oh never mind.

  2. It’s true that you should record everything Ronny does. I am a die hard Knicks fan and just watching Ronny from game to game make his faces and over react to everything is priceless. Although his post game interviews are well thought out and quite riveting. Go figure. Keep up the good work fellas.

  3. The missed backcourt violation video links to the same video embedded above >.<

  4. Ronny is amazing with his reactions. This was atypical as you usually see him being a big friendly Elf displaying his sportsmanship by helping opposing prayers up of the deck etc. DeJuan must’ve said something that got under his skin.

  5. This guy is a gem! Always fun to watch :)

    Hey, Trey, I think you mislinked the “Hilarious overreaction” bit….? I’m getting the Blair dunk again?

  6. Must have copied over the original link. Updated now. Thanks, dudes.

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