Dear Hedo Turkoglu,

Stop doing this, please. It is very weird.

Respectfully yours,
Everyone alive

(via NBA Musings)

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  1. Ball.

    Anyway – is Bosh getting fewer All-star votes this year than last? Because if he is, that’s pretty funny.

  2. I love Shakira’s new song: “Flab don’t lie.”

  3. The Michael Jordan of Turkey is back! i know you Raptors fans are still salty about Hedo, but i dont hear you complaining about Bryan Colangelo at all.

  4. He’s simulating using the shake weights he got for Christmas.

  5. This could also be his “bags of money” celebration – symbolizing his robbery of Toronto (right fist) and Phoenix (left fist).

  6. I do feel bad for the raptors fans out there… But as a die-hard Magic fan… I’m pretty stoked about Hedo’s resurgence. It’s sort of crazy how it’s all coming together.

  7. He appears to be sexually manipulating a couple of speedily backpedaling ogres.

  8. how can girls resist this move? gotta try this at a club

  9. He is doing the Craig Ferguson Secretariat dance.

  10. Guys, it’s kind of a Turkish traditional dance called “ciftetelli”. The original dance include fingers too but Hedo does not show it up.

  11. It looks more like some Balkan Wedding Freestyle is going on. Throw some Dejan Dejanovic in there and it all makes sense.

  12. Not being disrespectful: Is he doing to guys there? ;)

  13. Will Tas incorporate this move into his next dancing video?

  14. stop hating man…. just stop hating…

  15. Just saw the promo for the Magic/Rockets game tonight and the dance is actually in the promo. I can’t believe it. I guess ESPN likes the dance as much as Hedo does himself.

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