Ep. 639: Couple Collapses

On today’s show, Skeets and Tas bring out their golden radio voices to highlight the best of a crazy NBA night. How did the Spurs almost steal a last-second win from the Celtics? Why did Doc Rivers decide to go microscopic? Did the Suns concede defeat to L.A. by starting Robin Lopez and Gortat together? All that, plus the best benches in the league, anniversary presents, shoutouts and a Whoa Boy controversy!


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Comments (17)

  1. Lopez was probably still hungover after Stanford won the Orange Bowl.

  2. According to basketball-reference.com, Kevin Martin is only the 4th player since 86/87 season to score 45 or more points on 18 FGAs or less.Others:

    Gilbert Arenas (46 on 16!)
    Rashard Lewis! (45 on 18)
    Adrian Dantley (45 on 17)


  3. What about the Magic’s bench? Seems pretty good with Gil playing ok…

    Also, fuck hockey.

  4. yea no love for k-mart’s 45 pts? You guys screwed up.

  5. Sorry guys. K-Mart’s 45 was impressive, especially on the amount of shots it took him, but whoa boy is the best fantasy line. Points aren’t worth nearly as much in fantasy as the other stats. K-Mart can score, but the rest of his line was crap. Rondo/K-Love totally deserved it more.

  6. the best fantasy line? this is news to me, seeing as they have never said as much.

  7. and the rest of his line was not “crap”, especially if you look at fg%, ft% and 3′s, which, last I checked, are standard categories in 9 cat leagues

  8. I am with MTL_Dave, fuck hockey. Also, I believe they have stated that whoa boy is the best fantasy line in previous seasons. Either that, or myself and Alex both took it as the best fantasy line for no reason whatsoever.

  9. I’d go with the Spurs (Hill, Neal, McDyess, Bonner and even Splitter), especially because of Hill and Neal. Having those two guys allows them to have a 5 guy rotation with Parker, Ginobili and Jefferson of perimeter/slashing scorers.

  10. Jose had a nice game last night 8-10 shooting, 20 points, 17 assists, it was against the Cavs though. I find it hilarious how bad they are now. Those ungrateful fans deserve it.

    Rose deserves to start in the ASG over Rondo. Not only is he the better player but he’s more fun to watch.

  11. Whoa Boy is definitely the best fantasy line, it’s just that Skeets doesn’t say it every time… it’s a staple of the show, so I guess he figures anyone listening knows it.

  12. LeBrat’s old house, ROFL. Houston’s bench is nice, young, fast-paced. Gay/Love are my favorite players, but I was more impressed w/ Rondo. He joins Oscar and Magic as having multiple 20+AST triple-doubles in a season.

  13. Bynum got his 5th faul early in 4th which is why he was sitting and Pau was playing center till 3 mins mark

  14. I realize it’s best fantasy line, so what I’m about to say is really irrelevant. But, Rondo deserves some serious attention for that performance last night. They’re playing the best team in the league. They’ve gone through a bit of a rocky stretch lately. They’re missing arguably their most important player. Two starters overall missing, and a very key bench guy. And, the man just goes out there and takes control of the game. Huge performance and a huge victory.

  15. FYI, the fifth year anniversary is wood. Start working on those wooden presents, guys.

  16. “Just give it to Ray”, cmon Skeets. Allen was running mazes like a rat an meth (or on a Jeffrey). There was a lot of anticipation involved from Rondo’s side.

  17. Rondo would be more fun to watch at a All-Star Game than Rose…
    Passing-first point-guards always do better at distributing to all those stars for flashy plays…

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