Oh, frigglefracks, NBA — only two games on tonight? What is that sauce about? Not a tasty sauce. Not at all.

Oklahoma City Thunder at Dallas Mavericks
Well, if there are only going to be two games, it’s pretty nice that one of them is off the hook. Sorry for saying that, but this should be a good one even though Dirk Nowitzki is out again. Get a new head, man.

Denver Nuggets at Sacramento Kings
Every team should have a nationally televised game at some point, so that’s nice for the Kings. Plus, they’ve won two of their last four, which is good for a team with a 7-25 record. Couldn’t have come at a better time, I guess.

The Basketball Jones (The Score — 6pm ET)
Hey Canadians, watch this show. Melas dresses up like the Ultimate Warrior, which should be a good enough reason.

Winter Wipeout (ABC — 8pm ET)
This is one of the dumbest shows to ever exist. But when there’s not anything else new to watch, people falling off of things and getting punched by robotic boxing gloves ain’t so bad.

The Daily Show (Comedy Central — 11pm ET)
Patton Oswalt is very funny at jokes and he’ll be doing that on “The Daily Show” tonight, so that is good news if you like laughing. Hope you do.