“I have a lot of respect for coach Phil, but I think he’s kind of a space cadet of his own,” said Radmanovic, who played 2 1/2 seasons for the Lakers. “He’s the guy who has won 11 championships, so whatever he says, people will take as fact. Now, everyone thinks I’m a dumbass.”Vladimir Radmanovic, referring to the time Phil Jackson called him a space cadet four years ago

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  1. Speaking of which, did it take this long for Phil’s original comment to reach Sputnik, er, Vlad?

  2. “Slalom, the Space Cadet” — A Children’s Book by Mr. Jeanie Buss.

  3. You know why Phil called him a space cadet? Cause VladRad REALLY REALLY likes to get high. I mean REALLY REALLY HIGH on MARIJUANA.

    My friend’s sister works for the accounting firm that handles the Lakers payroll, and she has had first hand experience with him, and told me numerous stories about how he likes to toke it up ALL the time.

  4. Did you watch the final minute of Golden State-New Orleans the other night? Warriors nursing a 6-point lead on the road, back on D, the only thing you do is NOT FOUL. So what does Vlad Rad do? Commit a quick foul on Chris Paul with 33 seconds to go, stopping the clock and putting a 90% shooter on the line. THEN DOES THE SAME THING ON THE NEXT TRIP DOWN! Why is Vlad Rad anywhere near Chris Paul in that situation? Why is Vlad Rad even on the floor in that situation?

  5. Joseph – why does your sister have first-hand experience with him? Does he show up to pick up his paycheck in person? :P

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