Wha’ Happened?: Secrets

Philadelphia 76ers 109, Washington Wizards 97
The Sixers and Wizards have played three times already this year. The first two meetings saw Washington take home victories after scoring 116 points in an overtime game. Clearly Philadelphia knew that stat so did their best to prevent either of those things from happening. Nice strat.

New Jersey Nets 96, Chicago Bulls 94
See, the Bulls, this is what happens when you bench your highest paid player for the entire fourth quarter — Sasha Vujacic hits a game-winning layup/floater thing off a broken play. That is a fair punishment.

Toronto Raptors 120, Cleveland Cavaliers 105
For a team that failed to score more than 98 points in eight of its previous 10 games, the Raptors hanging 120 points on the Cavs is pretty strange. Then again, Cleveland has given up 100 or more in 16 of their last 20, so that is kind of their thing.

Orlando Magic 97, Milwaukee Bucks 87
Magic forward Ryan Anderson dunks so rarely that when he threw down his third of the season in the fourth quarter of last night’s game, he cut his pinkie on the rim. Classic dunk injury. Oh, he’s 6-foot-10, by the way.

Boston Celtics 105, San Antonio Spurs 103
There aren’t many games that you will see end like this, and not just because these two teams only play twice a year. But, when in the last 10 seconds of a basketball game, a 90 percent career free throw shooter misses two free throws, a notorious flopper tries to draw a foul call and fails, and a guy who has averaged way less than a block a game throughout his career blocks the potentially game-winning shot, you know things are pretty special. Treasure this deep inside. It’ll warm your heart.

Golden State Warriors 110, New Orleans Hornets 103
Outside of being on the wrong side of a 27-7 run to start the fourth quarter of a game they should have won at home, the Hornets looked great. Not the best way to kick off the final quarter of a should-be gimme.

Charlotte Bobcats 108, Minnesota Timberwolves 105 OT
D.J. Augustin missed 13 shots, Boris Diaw missed 13 shots and Kevin Love played nearly 45 minutes. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how he only grabbed 15 rebounds. I’ll just assume he was using a hook hand which hampered his ability to grab the ball.

Portland Trail Blazers 103, Houston Rockets 100
45 points on 18 shots for Kevin Martin, which might be the most Kevin Martin line imaginable. Pretty impressive to make as many field goals as free throws, especially when both of those numbers are in double-digits. The loss is kind of a bummer though.

Atlanta Hawks 110, Utah Jazz 87
According to the Associated Press, after last night’s four-pointer, Jamal Crawford has 31 career four-point plays. He’s made 1,236 threes in his career, which means that 2.5 percent of his made threes have ended in four-point plays. I have no idea if that’s a high number but it sure seems like a lot.

Los Angeles Lakers 99, Phoenix Suns 95
Remember that eight game streak with each team scoring 100 or more points? Sorry.

Los Angeles Clippers 106, Denver Nuggets 93
DeAndre Jordan had 20 rebounds, six blocks and a reverse alley-oop off a Baron Davis lob. Blake’s rubbing off on him, I guess. And yes, Griffin did catch another ‘oop. No bigs.