What are you doing, Jason Terry? Well, for one, you are facing the wrong way. Whoops.

For two, it pretty much looks like you’re just hanging out and leaning against a wall, except for there is no wall and a basketball game is happening behind you. I am not a professional basketball player by any means, but I am fairly certain that that’s not the right way to play defense. Most of the time — at least in my non-professional opinion — you’re supposed to be facing the guy you’re guarding and, you know, guarding him. Turning your back and hanging out while some dude shoots a layup isn’t exactly the best strategy.

But whatever, it’s just a one-time thing, I’m guessing. Everyone needs some downtime now and then and it’s not like you’re pulling a Kyle Korver and giggling about your silly defense. Don’t make it a habit and we’ll let it slide this time.

Oh, c’mon.

Comments (6)

  1. Haha, that shit’s hilarious.

  2. He’ll have no part of a poster

  3. the good thing here is that he ran back and tried to get there

  4. Maybe he is trying to help the opposing players – “Here, step on my back. It’s easier!”

  5. He’s the Marcel Marceau of basketball

  6. looks funny…
    but I guess those were fastbreak situations with Terry running back and trying to cut the Thunder players’ way to the basket and then, noticing he had no chance, trying to avoid an additional foul call. You’re probably aware of that also. ;)

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