What are you doing, Jason Terry? Well, for one, you are facing the wrong way. Whoops.

For two, it pretty much looks like you’re just hanging out and leaning against a wall, except for there is no wall and a basketball game is happening behind you. I am not a professional basketball player by any means, but I am fairly certain that that’s not the right way to play defense. Most of the time — at least in my non-professional opinion — you’re supposed to be facing the guy you’re guarding and, you know, guarding him. Turning your back and hanging out while some dude shoots a layup isn’t exactly the best strategy.

But whatever, it’s just a one-time thing, I’m guessing. Everyone needs some downtime now and then and it’s not like you’re pulling a Kyle Korver and giggling about your silly defense. Don’t make it a habit and we’ll let it slide this time.

Oh, c’mon.