Due to a lack of liquidity, we can’t show you our entire 22-minute television program from Thursday night. But what we can show you is this slap-chopped, jump-cuttin’ remix that features the Ringo of the Miami Heat, a hotly contested round of Crossfire, a clandestine Bookoff Payoff, and Macho Man Randy Savage snapping into a couple of card-playin’ Wankers. Bourré!


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Comments (10)

  1. Guys, I’m going to need the Overdose to get through the end of my workday. It is loooooooonnnnnnnnggggg. Thanks.

  2. @matt does it scare u that is going to eat more cheese

  3. Daaaaaaamn Tas! You got some big cahonas pulling that off! Mucho respect amigo, mucho respect.

    That. Was. Awesome.

  4. tas that is…………………..

  5. Oh god… can’t stop laughing at that impression

  6. New Year, New Team: The effing Celtics! You don’t believe it? Mark my words ;) After the bench has now proven themselves and with everybody healthy and on the floor, the NBA will have never seen a wrath like this one coming. Sodom and Gomorrah, baby.

  7. How about the Clipps? They had a rough start but are now starting to get the hang of it :)

    Tas, man….no words can describe your preformance :) Skeets wanted to humiliate you, but you turned it into an advantage :)) Hahhaha If Matt is a Grammy Award winner you are in for an Oscar man!!!

  8. wow that was funny. Tas was beating the s**t out of that action figure.

    @Stefan: I had the same thought. Saw the Clips yesterday and liked what they showed there.

    btw: Trade Nash back to the Mavs for Butler and some other stuff. Cuban, make it happen!

  9. Big Earn, totally agree with you that Cuba NEEDS to make that Nash trade, that would be sooo sick man!

    Also Tas thank you for one of the best impressions that I have seen in a while couldn’t and still can’t stop laughing!

  10. Where can i get that stepping on the beach song?

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