Traveling in the NBA is a complicated affair. No, not the walking-with-the-ball kind, though that’s often just as tough to understand, but the actual, physical going-different-places kind. Since NBA teams play 41 games away from their home court, they’re on the road quite a bit. That requires a great deal of coordination to make sure everybody winds up in the right place with everything they need at the right time. If you think flying to visit your cousin is stressful, multiply that by 20 to account for personnel and then again by 40 since that’s how many times you’ll be commuting. That’s 800 times as stressful. Thanks, math.

On top of that, sometimes one team’s marquee player wins two-straight MVPs while playing 45 minutes from his hometown and then decides to change teams in the offseason, which really throws a wrench in to the plans when it comes to travel schedules. Right, Cleveland? Right.

From ESPN:

A quirk in the schedule has both the Cavs and Heat in Los Angeles for an extended period this week. But the Cavs have changed their standard travel plans in L.A. to prevent staying in the same hotel as the Heat, team officials said.

The Heat and Cavs usually stay at a landmark hotel in Beverly Hills, one frequented by visiting NBA teams. But the Cavs will be staying at another five-star hotel just a few blocks down the street this time. [...]

According to team officials, the Cavs made a decision to attempt to avoid staying at the same hotel as any other NBA team because of the strain it puts on the staffs. NBA teams require the use of various meeting rooms, suites and laundry facilities that would tax any hotel. However, the hotel in question frequently hosts multiple NBA teams at once.

Nice try, Cavaliers representative who tried to spin this story as a simple logistical avoidance. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the team that’s causing you to switch hotels — even though you don’t really need to switch hotels — is the team that stole your LeBron James. 100 percent coinky-dink. Riiiiight.

Really, this is no big deal. A team should be able to stay wherever it wants. However, because of the two teams involved, this is something. It makes the Cavs look like a high school kid trying to avoid their ex at a graduation party, even if what they’re doing is trying to avoid any potential mishaps. I’m not saying these teams would fight or anything like that, but Mo Williams has been pretty broken up about this whole situation and it would be embarrassing for Cleveland if a story leaked that he was sitting in the hall at 4am, weeping outside of LeBron’s hotel room for him to come back. Not likely, but a team has to protect itself, you know?

Obviously losing LeBron James is still a big deal to the Cavaliers. That’s not going to change any time soon. However, you’d think that they’d be able to share an enormous five-star hotel with him and his team. But, just like anyone who’s ever been broken up with, the Cavs don’t want to see Bron’s face anymore. Can’t really blame them when you think about it that way.